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  • On the event page for TMS, it said If you already had both you couldn't get any more legion blocks, but you could upgrade your existing ones.
  • Lab 2, Cygnus Boogaloo Lets go!
  • ????????????????????????????? https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/59790/update-july-28-epic-familiar-potentials-and-lotus-familiar-changes They literally did.
  • It's also odd that our DMT has no mention of it working on Master Craftsman cubes, or Meister cubes, when KMS got the RISE patch their DMT listed that it worked on them.
  • maplestory.nexon.net/news/51162/daily-deals-cube-packages-scissors-of-karma-and-fusion-anvils Neither was it listed of any type of limit in the previous July DMT . So it seems very odd for there all of a sudden to be a package limit during thi…
  • They wanted to rebalance Gollux to be on the Same level as Absolab gear. Thats why you see Hellux having nearly the same amount of HP as Lotus Lotus - 700bil Hellux ~800bil While everyone fantasizes Arcanes as end-game gear, the more easily rep…
  • That's a hilariously bad example of what Reboot was made to be. Reboot is about getting rid of the Pay 2 Win factor of the game, and about how far you can earn it with the time you input. The thing is, people like the feeling Kish brings, Lots of…
  • Here's a decent Idea if anyone has ever played Shade/Euwol. At level 200 he has a quest that upgrades his hyper into more damage, more duration. What if BT got something like that, at level 200 BT could do a simple quest (Shade is literally just a s…
  • So apparently They Copy-pasted KMST Patch notes that put it as un-tradeable, but we got what KMS got, which is them still being trade-able.
  • Step #1 on Frenzy - Same restrictions as Fury/Wild/Kish: Caster Leaves, so does the buff. Gives consistency in Ruling.
  • We have free 2x/1.5x coupons from monster park sundays, legion exp coupons and growth potions, craftable exp potions, monster park yellow exp potions, and free spirit pendants from fairy bros and event shops. We absolutely have compensation for t…
  • It's really a no brainer what they have to do, I don't understand why it hasn't been done yet. Most other unbalanced things have been fixed. HS mules? Fixed. Archmage ultimates don't have a cooldown? Fixed. AFK Leeching? Fixed. All of these thing…
  • Doing self testing the main problem with the Kishin change is that it has opposite effects than what I believe intended. First during self testing, the proc rate of Night Ghost guide while farming was ~2-3 a min depending on skill use - Most of t…
  • Legion only takes your Highest 40 into Account.
  • Apparently if we HARD SPAM flash in can cancel some skills? But if feels super awful to do.
  • I believe all of them become De-equiped? (not positive on this part) and every Node that was for Cannoner will become grayed out and it won't let you put it into your Matrix. But be careful disenchanting.
    in Nodes Comment by Lostx May 2020
  • Another huge issue to having is if you Stream the game. It either means you have to do a forced screen block, or just give up your PIC. Which is far more annoying compared to the Node one. It's a HUGE bane to streaming the game.
  • What you are saying is that you, and your gear is already Passed Mid-game. So it doesn't affect you as much is as it helps you. Your argument coincides only with a complacency with having already done it and what was previously unobtainable without …
  • As for the Gollux Changes, I'm not against making Gollux Harder, I'm against the lack of compensation for making it harder. -Same coin amount leading to 3 1/2 weeks to get an item yet comparing it to Damien/Lotus (The equivalent HP Bosses) - 1~2 …
  • The bug was that on Reveal the 2 lines could be anything. But on Rank up/Reroll it went through the Natural - New Tier + Old tier, aka Epic going to Unique -> Unique line + Epic line. Which is where you say the "2 prime lines" is from. So the…