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  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Gargula wrote: »
    Without any bug, crash/DC/Lag issue and a checkpoint upon crashing/DCing, do you think it'd be doable and fair?

    No, because

    1. There's still the fact that those random android breakdowns happen that forces you to start over. As I've said, they're unpredictable and they cannot be prevented.

    2. A checkpoint shouldn't be made ONLY if you crash or DC. They should be made at various crucial intervals. People should also be allowed to exit the level or game without having to restart the entire 4 floors.

    I acknowledge everyone has different skill levels for these JQ's and you cannot cater to everyone. The androids and hearts are great prizes and they shouldn't be easily gotten, but that isn't to say that something that's supposed to be challenging should be turned into a nightmare by the sheer fact that things beyond a player's control happen such as life or a simple DC.

    However, the reason I'm even making a racket is because the event DOES have bugs, the game DOES crash/DC/lag without a safety net to save your progress, and it DOES have the bulldung random android breakdowns. When those things are addressed, I'll concede. But until then, I'll keep banging pots.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Gargula wrote: »
    And still complaining. It took me 7 hours to rescue the first one, yea, it was a nightmare. BUT, I learned the mechs through some videos and lots of pain and suffering.
    Like I said before, IT IS full of bugs. But aside from that, you can finish the JQ with the other androids in 1-1:30 hours. Try to be logical, analyse the videos, analyse the gas pattern, the laser pattern (as showed in the second video I posted b4) and etc. But again, excluding the fact that you could DC/crash during the JQ.

    And I agree that there should be some kind of checkpoint if you DC/Crash.

    Well then, I'll keep complaining if you see it that way. I don't care anymore what you call it.

    No one should have to put in 7 hours into a piece of content that's supposed to be fun and/or challenging (this is a game, after all, with nice virtual prizes. It shouldn't be tackled like it's a day at your job, anxiety and rage and all. Some people don't have that kind of time to dedicate to this) That is exactly what's wrong. By your own admission, it was a nightmare. Seven hours' worth. The fact that you don't see anything wrong with how much time you spent and continue to defend this event kind of raises an incredulous brow from me.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Gargula wrote: »
    Yea, it is full of bugs, but those videos can help ppl. All you're doing is complaining. Send a ticket (you probably already did this) about those bugs like I did.

    You are perfectly missing the point of what I'm trying to say and I don't understand how pointing out the flaws in this event is "complaining". You're basically dismissing everything wrong with this event by boxing it up into "complaining". So let me reiterate.

    1. The jump quests are too hard for most people to reasonably be able to finish. A few instances here and there of people able to complete this with ease doesn't mean the majority has that same ease of completion. If it were like that, this thread wouldn't have 5 pages of people unable to complete the JQ after hours of attempts.

    2. The random events that happen in the middle of the JQ are poorly thought out considering the difficulty of this JQ, it's game-breaking.

    3. Videos are meant to serve as guides. This means that while you'll know what to expect and get some helpful tips, it doesn't mean you'll automatically gain the skills to finish.

    4. The bugs

    5. No checkpoints or ways to save progress means things that players cannot control (such as DC'ing) or one small mistake costs them the time it took to get to the point they did and considering how most people find it difficult, this is indeed a very costly thing.

    If you disagree, please do share why you think this event isn't so bad and try not to have your argument consist of "you're complaining."

    You don't have to be on for the 8 hour cooldowns. That'd be ridiculously unreasonable. But you DO have to be online for 2 hours after activating a stone.
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  • Play V Daily Reward Login Claim Greyed out

    Did you do the Play V on another character? If you did, the reward could only be claimed by that character and no other even though the total box count is shared across all characters.