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  • Will there be maintenance on Dec. 15 PST?

    Also be prepared for the maintenance to extend beyond parameters, so if you can through this horrendous lag, it's best to do your dailies now.
  • Solid Proof Forumers Don't Play MapleStory Anymore

    Let's break up your argument.
    There are tons of people complaining about "the coin limit becoming 10 coins". But this is completely false. The V boxes expire on the 15th. But the event list clearly states two new events that start on the 15th: one called "It's Party Time!" that ONLY gives V coins, and one called "Icy Onslaught" that has boxes that MAY give V coins. Let's not forget that there are the Saturday V days that give 3x coins. So this is a blatant lie by people who clearly don't even log on anymore.
    Tons of people are complaining about the Shining Santa Boxes coin limit becoming 10 coins. Not V Boxes and we're not talking about any other event afterwards.
    There are also tons of people complaining about the event lasting "30" or "31" days. But the event list shows events that give V coins until 1/18/2016. So it's yet another lie by people who have no clue what they're talking about.
    What people mean by the "30" or "31" days is the number of days the Coin Shop Season 1 lasts. It goes from 11/30 to 12/27 before Coin Shop Season 2 begins on 12/28. And looking at it logically, obviously, if there's a coin shop on the 28th, then there are also other ways to get coins. People aren't stupid. They know.
    Finally, everyone is complaining about Nexon "not doing anything about anything". But not only is this obviously proven false when looking at the list of bugs fixed in all of the updates, but everyone saying this is directly contradicting themselves when they said the exact opposite about both the update before the V event and the V update, which everyone said was "one of the best things in a long time".
    Just because Nexon says it's "fixed" doesn't make it so. For example, if you're playing the game right this second, you should know that the lag that has plagued us for the last week or so since the V update is still there even though the patch notes said it's been fixed. But that is besides the point because that isn't the point. The point is, when people are complaining that Nexon isn't doing anything it's about how they're not listening to people's outrage about the 10 coin limit on the Shining Santa Boxes.

    Everyone was excited about the V update because of the possibilities. Nobody here was psychic enough to be able to tell that it would turn out to be such a disaster when the event itself started. Opinions are allowed to change.

    I think rather than us "forumers" not playing the game, it's more like you as a "player" isn't forum-ing enough to learn our issues so let me give you the rundown on the main scruples:

    The V Boxes give 30 coins while the Shining Santa Boxes only give 10, which gives only 40 coins a day. How on earth are some people supposed to afford the ridiculously expensive things they want in the coin shop before season 1 ends?
  • holy crap.. nexon is crazy

    Yes, a lot's changed in Maple. Power creep happened is what. There's also potential and bonus potential to add more to the insanity. My advice is to take it slow or get overwhelmed early on. If you have questions, ask and ye shall receive answers.

    Anvil is used to make one piece of equipment look like another. It only changes the appearance but not the stats. However, both equipment has to belong in the same category and class and they have to be for the same gender so for instance, you could anvil a Dark Calaf to look like a Dark Moonlight, but you cannot anvil a Dark Calaf to look like Red Amoria Skirt, since this is bottomwear. You cannot anvil it to look like a Green Lumati since it's bowman equip and Dark Calaf is mage equip. And you cannot anvil it to look like a Dark Calas because Calas are for males and Calafs are for females. Get it?
  • (Another) Maple relationship map

    Evidence that I probably have too much time on my hands.

    WARNING: Huge file


    Making this was hella fun. This was also made in draw.io, introduced by Neospector in another thread. I tried to include as many things as possible while making the lines cross as little as possible to make it as easy to follow as I could make it, though sometimes it's unavoidable. If anyone has anything to add, go right ahead and tell me.
  • Battle Mages

    Well, if you've been using Aran and not a lot of mage classes, I guess it'd be pretty difficult to get a handle on Battle Mages, especially when you're burning one up to 100 and losing some time to adjust to your skills more thoroughly plus the fact that 100 JUST unlocks a lot of Battle Mage skills that you'd have found extremely useful.

    Battle Mages are swift. Even without Yellow Aura, their base movement speed is fast and their teleport let's you teleport midair even if there's no platform or ground nearby. This means that you could teleport all around the map swiftly without having to use ropes or ladders and use Dark Chain to drag your enemies to you without moving or use Dark Burst to drag yourself to enemies. Then, there's Grim Contract, which will attack up to 10 enemies if you defeat a number of monsters.

    As for bossing, 4th job marks the beginning of useful bossing skills. Battle Rage focuses on one enemy and increasing attack power, but this combined with Grim Contract, Dark Aura, Dark Genesis (which has the useful passive of continuously attacking a single enemy during cooldown), Dark Shock, and overall handling by Teleporting around enemies as they use forward-facing attacks and sending them in for a loop, makes you quite formidable, and since your movement speed isn't something to laugh at either, you could keep ahead of a lot of attacks. Plus, Finishing Blow can attack even with moderate distance between you and your enemy and you could teleport backwards just before attack animation which means if you time it right, you can even give yourself some space.

    Even though they're mages, BaMs are NOT squishy characters I mean, compare my 26k HP at lvl 136 BaM to my 15k HP at lvl 147 Kanna and 12k HP at lvl 133 Beast Tamer (that's only a 3 level difference, btw). Huge difference right there, especially since neither of these mage classes have Magic Guard to protect them. They are tough, which increases their survivability in boss fights.

    Lastly, the BaM's high mobility, ability to teleport swiftly everywhere and a means of dragging monsters (or you to them) means that even though you're killing everything really fast, you're still not bored because you're not just mashing a single button. They don't have a lot of buffs either. Simply a lot of toggle-able skills.

    I don't main a BaM, but I find them a very flexible class, good for mobbing AND bossing, especially if you can get a hang of how they handle. Maybe someone else who mains a BaM could give more detailed insight (or even correct me on some points), but these are my thoughts and observations of my own experience.