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  • Wonderoid Jump Quest Difficulty

    I would suggest either putting checkpoints between floors and after you reach the end of B1 so you could leave and come back whenever you want. It has the advantage of allowing players to tackle the JQ at their own pace even if they're not skilled.

    Or nerfing the difficulty if they're not going to put checkpoints.
  • I love the Login Music

    scholar624 wrote: »
    What are some other tracks you can think of that would make great login music?

    Well since you're asking, how about Fantasia?

    It's got nice vibes.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    You do realize that the android breakdowns and accidents are necessary right? You have to discover them all at least once and then that's it

    It won't happen again after that and you also get aspire coins for encountering them

    Necessary in what way? How could being forced to restart a whole level be "necessary"? If they wanted to use this, they could just as easily make popups and NOT have you restart a whole level. They could make you punch in a combo of keyboard keys and fix them on the spot so you could go on your merry way. Or you could CHOOSE whether to engage in a breakdown. Or you could get a "fun fact: android breakdowns" the first time you complete a level. The ways they could do this better is limitless.

    The same incident may not happen again, but there are others hidden in places you don't expect and they pop up when you wouldn't expect it and you don't even know how many of these incidents you'll encounter so yeah, I'd say that even if you don't get the same thing happening again, it might as well be happening over and over again because they have the same result.

    All I'm saying is its necessary to continue the rescue mission

    I know its messed up on how they did it and could be done better

    I don't understand what you mean by "its necessary to continue the rescue mission" because if you're being sent back to the level's beginning, that is the opposite of progress. That is a setback. I don't know how far along you are with this JQ. Maybe you know something I don't where getting all these incidents are vital somehow in the progress of the overall plot-thing, but the main thing is that restarting IS unnecessary if they could do this better, as you've just said.

    The way they made it, its inevitable and you have to encounter these and restart to continue and finish the rescue

    Also i finished it, it was hell but i can honestly say that the accidents are the least most concerning thing in this whole JQ

    I had to redo B4 and F1 once because of the accidents, but i had to redo B1 liek 100 damn times to finish the rescue

    Maybe it's minor but all I'm arguing here is that restarting people when you encounter an incident is unnecessary. Maybe I'd find these things more amusing if it weren't in the context of having to do one big frustrating JQ as opposed to sections of a big JQ. As it is, every drop of progress lost already makes me want to flip. On top of everything else, it makes this intolerable.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Gargula wrote: »
    Hellye boi, 12 stars, leg pot, perma heart, cute android. And it's just ONE day. I spent 7 hours to practice and get what I wanted. You still have 24-25 days of event to finish it. BUT, like you mentioned, it depends, maybe those who are casual, have a time-consuming job, have finals, exams, etc, may not be able to complete it.

    Good on you. You think it's worth it. Most people disagree and would like for this to be made easier. I still don't know why you think the flaws I pointed out is "complaining" other than the sheer reason that YOU managed to put in 7 hours and complete this, but you do you and let me keep "complaining".
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Gargula wrote: »
    Yea, it is full of bugs, but those videos can help ppl. All you're doing is complaining. Send a ticket (you probably already did this) about those bugs like I did.

    You are perfectly missing the point of what I'm trying to say and I don't understand how pointing out the flaws in this event is "complaining". You're basically dismissing everything wrong with this event by boxing it up into "complaining". So let me reiterate.

    1. The jump quests are too hard for most people to reasonably be able to finish. A few instances here and there of people able to complete this with ease doesn't mean the majority has that same ease of completion. If it were like that, this thread wouldn't have 5 pages of people unable to complete the JQ after hours of attempts.

    2. The random events that happen in the middle of the JQ are poorly thought out considering the difficulty of this JQ, it's game-breaking.

    3. Videos are meant to serve as guides. This means that while you'll know what to expect and get some helpful tips, it doesn't mean you'll automatically gain the skills to finish.

    4. The bugs

    5. No checkpoints or ways to save progress means things that players cannot control (such as DC'ing) or one small mistake costs them the time it took to get to the point they did and considering how most people find it difficult, this is indeed a very costly thing.

    If you disagree, please do share why you think this event isn't so bad and try not to have your argument consist of "you're complaining."