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how is my username inappopiriate? pimp "pi" is somthing i made up like the pi button on the calculator its been my username since beta really how are people gonna know its me everyone knows me as scanias pimppi


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  • Game Instantly Closes Upon Selecting NA/EU Server

    I was able to bypass the NA and EU select, but after a minute or two ingame, i just crash and get a popup saying about NGS hacking (even though I clearly am not hacking), I even posted a discussion of it too, but no answers have been posted. I just hope the Maplestory Team can do something to fix these situations
    this seems like your antivirus kicking you disable it and try again
    haha, hey guys i can not play for long time.... since 118 update in EU maple story... heh.... i think 5 months alredy... or more... after that update i can not play... even after merge to NA i can not play... no body knows what is happening now... this is funny, some people can play in PC but not in laptop... heh... some people need to delete intro file, to play game... some people need to skip intro of game in the middle of it.... haha every one has different cure of this siutuation and i tried all of them... uppsss, not working for me.... i hope somebody will find cure for me... i haven't play MS for many months.... i am dead man now... sorryyy for my english i am polish.... and it's difficult for me, to write in english :) GOOOD LOOOOK MAPLERS :D

    huh i spent almost 1h to write this letter... haha, still less that nexon need to fix ouer problem :D

    this seems like your wireless adapter turning off your wireless
    go into start menu
    look for device manager
    go down to networks
    and click on your wireless
    go over to power management
    and untick " let the computer turn this device off to conserve power
    apply and try again
  • gear not showing stats

    Theres a option in settings to make the items show stats
    In the settings go to game tab
    About half way down theres an option " Item option X Use short tool tips"
    Uncheck that to see the potentials
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    If it helped you
  • Marvel Machine in Reboot

    or just have a meso version for reboot
  • Bishops Angel Ray stops working

    You have a limit of how long you can spam an attack in 1 spot for, try moving a few steps and attack again.
  • Game Instantly Closes Upon Selecting NA/EU Server

    You can try these see if it helps you at all
    Note: Specifics may vary depending on what operating system you use. I use Windows 7.

    1. Step number *ONE*:
    Go into the start menu and click on control panel

    2. Step number *TWO*:
    Locate your Network and Sharing (may be named differently on a different OS)

    3. Step number *THREE*:
    Locate where you may manage/change your adapter settings

    4. Step number *FOUR*:
    Locate all "Local Area Connection #" or any networks which state "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" and disable them.

    5. Step number *Five*:
    Restart your computer

    6. Step number *Six*:
    In start menu Search device manager

    7. Step number *Seven*:
    Go down to wireless in propertys turn off the setting to let the computer turn it off

    8. Step number *Eight*:

    9. Step number *Nine*:
    In start menu type cmd right click "Run as Admin"

    10. Step number *Ten*:
    Then type "netsh winsock reset"

    11. Step number *Eleven*:
    Press enter

    12. Step number *Twelve*:
    Restart your comp when your promped

    13. Step number *Thirteen*:
    Turn off your antivirus until restart < avg free is bad for dcing >

    14. Step number *Fourteen*:
    Go into maplestory folder

    15. Step number *Fifteen*:
    Right click
    { Pretty much all the exe }
    and go into compatibility and Click the box FOR ALL USERS

    16. Step number *Sixteen*:
    Change them to compatibility win 7 at same time< only if ur on win 10>

    17. Step number *Seventeen*:
    Now start the game when your on character selection screen

    18.. Step number *Nineteen*:
    press alt + tab + delete together

    20. Step number *Twenty*:
    Go down to task manager

    21. Step number *Twenty-one*:
    Find maplestory.exe in processes and right click

    22. Step number *Twenty-two*:
    Set Affinity
    here depending on your computer
    start at above average
    if u have a beast of a comp then go realtime or high i usually go high but that's me

    I hope this helps
    Thumbs up if it does<3