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  • Any Thoughts or Feelings on the new MVP Changes?

    Ambivalent for most of it since if players want more incentive for their hard-earned cash, so be it. But the one thing that struck me was replacing MVP buff with a chair version that can only be given if you fame the person (REMINDER: you can only fame a player once per day, and cannot fame the same person more than ONCE A MONTH). If I'm not mistaken, these high lvl MVPers also get a coupon version that is tradeable, which is..."all well and good" for normal servers, but even so, all around, this all seems quite dubious for us normal folk. Whether this goes through or not, or if they're just testing the waters, I can't help but feel sad about it. If they have enough incentive to even announce this makes me feel really on edge, and just makes me think "I guess just making the game good enough, isn't just good enough".

  • Bring Back Party Play Maps/Multiplayer Progression

    Whoever is in charge obviously doesn't care to actually improve Maple, so much as providing just the minimum amount of effort needed to keep it afloat. They probably have a roadmap on what they want to do, and as you can tell, it entails endless dailies, grind, and continuous power escalation.

    Maple is successful in their home country of Korea, and be it due to the way they have conditioned the players or through the region's questionable preferences, they see no reason to extend any extra effort on what they already deem satisfactory. Even if the questions and answers here are the right ones, they're not the right ones that Nexon wants to see right now. Think about it, why do you think Maple has so much technical problems even to this day? They've always focused on the short-term. Granted, sometimes they do think of the long-term, like when they fixed pet loot lag and reworking login loading times, but those are few and far between.
    If people only want to be strong and see high numbers, then u have to change the game towards that. I barely see people that want to travel and explore,they all want o progress as fast as posibble and be the stronguest as fast as possible...etc.

    And this is the other thing. Maple is no longer an MMORPG. It's a glorified gacha. They designed it that way for years now. Tedious content stretched for a longer period of time than it should with a loot box option hanging over your head with the promise of making progress (getting stronger) faster. It's no longer about exploring because they made sure to make every map design into corridors leading to dead ends. It's no longer about multiplayer because its exploitable/too hard to balance or implement/have to appeal to all the whales who want damage and therefore needs to be completely erased. It has to be about solo grinding, despite the player-power vastly outstripping mob difficulty, thus making it a tedious repetition of moving around the same map with no difficulty for hours on end.

    Sure, it's not like these changes were made to worsen Maple, and were in fact implemented to fix some of its prior issues (of which were many), but Maple definitely has more potential that what its current iteration is right now.


    The decision on this ruling means that it will make it theoretically harder for hackers to gain mesos, since the most efficient way now is found in Arcana., and thus, they will be easier to identify. The hackers can still hack of course, but now they can't hide behind a gray-area in legitimized farming and have to grind for that primo spot, like everyone else. And like everyone else, they'll have about 240 levels and preparations to stay "clean"; getting banned from all that work up to that point will deal a critical blow for any subsequent attempts.

    Now if only we lived in a vacuum, that decision would be the only necessary answer. Whatever goodwill this decision has on hackers weighs too heavily on casual and hardcore players alike. Since daddy KMS sees regular grinding as farming "good enough", they obviously do not think there should be any progressive attempts to positively change the rhythm. Ursus is the only key daily meso maker, and other avenues for profit are significantly less valuable or take more time. It's okay to grind for levels but when it comes to mesos, apparently you have to jump many hoops and under certain restrictions to do that. Got to slow that progression down or else no one will p(l)ay the game.

    Now of course, this decision will also create some logistical problems. Will this inevitably bottleneck certain maps now that byebye is bye-bye? Are they really telling us to make Kannas, effectively many player's non-main, a lvl 240 char so that they can comfortably mesofarm? How will not mesofarming affect the fun of the game? (Seeing as I already have a arcanafarmer just "recently", it was like having just enough mesos, to being able to freely buy anything you want). Will this affect SF and cubes? Will Nexon allow people to jump around these restrictions somehow, like dying every half-hour/other time interval instead of of consecutively?

    Of course, these decisions is decidedly an indifference on Reboot's problems', and we all know why. I've vaguely talked about your point for fix 2, but any fixes are off the table simply because of the nature of Reboot. Nexon made the primary servers for a reason, and frankensteining an alternate style of game instead of fixing the main game's problems is what led to all these exceptional circumstances. Someone will tell us it's our fault for picking Reboot and that we chose this, and I guess they were right all along. All the people who chose to play Maple through Reboot never should have gave Maple a chance at all, if they had known how difficult it is for Nexon to cater to them. They say you don't have to pay a single cent to progress in normal servers, so does this legitimize playing an inferior experience of Maple on Reboot? What's even the point?

    Yea, on normal servers it's incredibly slow, but now it feels like it has become drastically slow for Reboot as well.

    Anyways, point is, if they stick with the decision, it would be great if they implemented any of your fixes, but I highly doubt it.
  • In-game function to decrease character lvl.

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Bassi_sama wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    This has about as much chance of happening as the suggestion for "let us stop gaining experience".

    Grind in a map with a rune with stage 4 on and you wont gain any exp. So there is a way to not gain exp but dont think there is a way to lose levels expet for a rollback on the server.

    The suggestion I'm referring to was basically someone saying "I want to be able to not gain exp on my kanna so I can meso farm in byebye station forever".

    Except people can do it already, with minor inconveniences. I mean, Nexon has made it pretty clear they want to keep the Kish meta, why beat around the bush any longer?
  • Some more consideration for players with potatoes?

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    darik wrote: »
    A month or 2 longer? Dude in kms is one of the most played games and gms has quite a decent population,so maplestory isnt going anywhere

    True but the mentality that players have does make you feel like it's always on its last leg.
    Despite the fact that things aren't actually that bad and there are far worse run games that used to be big like MS.
    Looking at you, Ragnarok Online.

    I feel that, more or less, players are just hoping Maple gets better and they're just tolerating what they have now, knowing that Nexon has the power to do better. Whether that tolerance is more towards being satisfied, indifference, or even loathing, I'm sure Nexon is aware of this restlessness. Doesn't really matter though.