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  • 50% = 0%

    wasted all my coins
    why do event shop 50% scrolls never work for me?
    why do i keep buying them every event?
    also why doesnt nexon put honest percentages on scrolls?
  • why did GM respond to my ban appeal ticket...

    ... six hours ago asking for my account info and then didnt follow up after i sent it? is this how ban appeals are usually handled? if he was looking at it why didnt he remove the wrongful ban? anyone have experience with this? is this normal? or was this an automated response to my ticket? why would it wait almost 4 days to send an automated response requesting info? what is going on?!?

  • [SOLVED] only work on ban appeals tues-thurs?

    i expect someone to answer the question.... someone must know if ban appeals are looked at throughout the week or just on tues-thurs following the schedule for the appeal live chat.

    why do you think it is unreasonable to ask this question on the forums for my peace of mind so i can stop checking the "latest activity" on my ticket if they arent even working on appeals until tuesday ?
  • Hacking tool detected

    just stop playing maplestory. i was banned permanently for "illegal programs" when i have never hack or used any third party program of any kind. my ban is currently "under investigation" but it has been two days and nobody has touched the ticket in 20 hours. it is ridiculous... this is the second time their system has wrongfully banned me. but if you want your account, best to just not play the game, just go hang out in henesys or something, playing the game is a risk
  • why did nexon america stop doing 4th of july event

    darik wrote: »

    Well, Obama isnt as controversial as Trump, hes surrounded by scandals, his ideas are very extreme and he isnt very polite to other politicians, everyday i turn on the TV there are news about something controversial he did, i dont live in UE so idk whats really happening but i see why they dont want to make something Trump related.

    lmao you need stop stop watching tv. obama was no better than trump and, in fact, killed a lot more people. manufactured scandals by certain entities who fund the media you consume isnt really a mark you should go by.

    but 4th of july isnt "trump related"... it usa's national holiday that has had an event on maplestory many times in the past.