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  • I will not post on these forums ever again

    this negative nancy person is so annoying, he goes out of his way to be against literally anything i post, he lives for it, he is literally always here just waiting for someone to post something so he can be against it. he stays with in the rules though so mods wont do anything about it. but this is targeted harassment and he is probably ecstatic that he made me upset

    bye forums
  • ilbi throwing stars ????

    uhm wolf spiders are there, the map is still there,
    maybe you have to do the nlc quest to access new nlc? im not sure
    i dont remember what level they were before the update tho, the mob might have its drop list changed

    also these dropped from mushmom a few weeks ago and supposedly dual birk i think

    edit: yeah i just went and killed a bunch of wolf spider, they are lvl 190 and they dont seem to be dropping any of the equips or etc item they used to drop so idk if they still drop ilbis, probably not
  • 50% = 0%

    getting the same exact result this many times in a row on a coin flip is virtually impossible
    go ahead, try it
    there is no way it is 50%

    and another anecdote related, once i had success on two 1% scrolls in a row
    i refuse to believe these percentages are real, there has to be some other factor in the coding
  • 50% = 0%

    the probability of getting the same result that many times in a row on a coin flip is astronomically low, yet it is incredibly common for this to happen
    i refuse to believe that it is simply 50% there has to be other factors involved

    dont @ me, i dont like your responses ever
    i think i asked you not to respond to my threads quite a few times
  • I think the new familiar system is actually great

    it could use a few tweaks but overall it is a great addition
    finally we are able to change familiar's names for a meso fee this has been something i have been wanting for ages
    and with this system even low level familiars that used to be garbage are actually worth enough that new players or aspiring merchants can sell them to start building funds
    hunting familiars before was fun, but now theres a lot more value in collecting them