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  • False Ban Reports 6/22

    This is Sr. GM Kryndax of Nexon Player Support speaking once more.

    The access restriction currently affecting this account was put in place after activity similar to that found on confirmed MapleStory hacker accounts was detected on it.

    However, in the interest of fairness, all access restrictions are subject to internal review.

    Based on our review of this account's game logs, we have deemed the activity that triggered the access restriction to be negligible enough to warrant leniency. As such, we've elected to provide this account with another opportunity to enjoy the game on a benefit-of-the doubt basis.

    Therefore, as of this reply, the access restriction has been removed and you should be able to log into the account shortly after receiving this message.

    We thank you for your understanding in this matter and do apologize for any inconvenience the loss of access has caused you.


    Sr. GM Kryndax
    Nexon Player Support

    While I am grateful to be unbanned (and I've been playing for a few hours!) I am very annoyed at the email response I got to my ticket.

    I don't know if this is what other players got, but this is still insinuating that I did something wrong when really it was a false ban.
    I also don't understand how yesterday what I had (supposedly) done was so severe that I would stay permabanned. Then today they say they're giving me "leniency," like I did something wrong. They still are not owning up to what is wrong with the autoban system and this concerns me.

    It's also interesting how 2 of my tickets were immediately turned away, as they said I committed a major problem, but this email says that "all access restrictions are subject to internal review." Why wasn't I subject to that yesterday, "in the interest of fairness?"

    I want to feel grateful to have access to the game, but when they are not working on fixing the issues that affect us regular players and false bans it is incredibly concerning.
  • False bans back again?

    My ban was just lifted! I can get in again!
    Thank you so much @ Ghiblee for addressing this with us. I am SO happy I didn't lose my 15 year old account!!!!
  • False bans back again?

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    Hi Maplers,
    We are aware of the recent false ban reports in the Community and are investigating the issue.
    We temporarily disabled banning accounts with this criteria and will continue to monitor during the investigation.
    If you were affected by the recent bans, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support (https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/).
    If you've already submitted a ticket, there is no need to submit a ticket again.
    Thank you for the patience!


    If we already submitted a claim earlier and they "solved" it by keeping us banned, what do we do? Mine says solved. I don't want to submit another claim and get banned from customer support, but because mine is "solved" I don't know if it'll be addressed. Please let us know what to do if we are in this situation.
  • Suggestion - fix the freaking event hall lag!

    This event hall lag is unacceptable. This has been going on for months and months and it seems like the more events Nexon has and the more complaints they get about this issue, the more event NPCs get put INTO the event hall, despite never having been in there before. I don't see why Nexon can't put the current event NPC in a location that people can access, like Henesys, rather than put it in a place half the players can't reach and then blame the player base (just had a GM in customer support live chat tell me it was on my end since "many" players don't have this problem, even though many players do.) There have been so many complaints about this for months and months and rather than accommodating the players that can't reach this map, you keep telling them it is on their end.
  • Black Friday Hot Week

    I also did not get a Tuesday box (NA Grazed player). I was able to get Monday's box yesterday, but not Tuesday's.