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  • GMS statement cube rates and general transparency

    In regard of the recent revelation of the loose use of terminology such as "random" and the false expectations and skepticism this has caused from the players in RNG systems in MapleStory, we, as a GMS community, expect the same level of transparency that KMS has recently come forth with, and therefor we would like to see:

    Tier up rates for cubes.
    Line weighting for cubes.
    Familiar line weighting probability.
    Familiar Red Card tier up rates.
    An updated justification for the current restrictions on of why certain lines cannot appear multiple times in a cube.
    Edit: Scroll probabilities.

    In addition, as a further way to appease and regain the players' trust in GMS specifically, there are several loose ends in regards to non-KMS exclusive content that we expect an official statements on:

    Existence of unobtainable Badges with Potential predating the removal of Singapore.
    Difficulty change of obtaining the same Gollux Accessories.
    Reasoning for the in-existence of Red Familiar cards in Reboot Worlds.
    Reasoning for some maps not having Familiar cards drop.

    In general, when non-KMS content is added, changed, or removed, we as players expect a statement on why it is being done, the ramifications and most importantly what is being done to address these ramifications.

    Lastly, we expect GMS to deliver on the promise of giving players more ways to get Wild totems and Maple Tour entry tickets.


    A GMS MapleStory Player

    EDIT: Also made a Reddit post, support ticket and sent an email to Nexon directly.
  • Huge gap between exploiters and legit players.

    I can only give my reboot take on this so..

    Let's turn a blind eye at how people who farmed multiple 40% Boss damage line familiars (not counting double lines) can now easily 120% boss damage on reboot once they get enough badges?

    You can overlook a lot of smaller things like gollux, badges, lab pieces, buff coupons, etc (even though they do add up) but can't with this, because this is arguably a solid 20-50% boss dps increase and when you factor in double lines, IED, it can even be more.

    On top of that even people who didn't "exploit" the system and had pre 213 spiders and such get literally double the benefit new players can reasonably get with common from familiars. 1.5 vs 3 lines of drop% is huge especially for someone starting out and only has 1 or maybe 2.

    In order to have everyone on a semi level playing field reboot needs reasonably priced red cards, better higher tier drop rates, and the potentials need to be shifted to match people already got. At least then people have a chance of catching up to people who "abused" during the time it was possible.

    I use "exploit" and "abuse" in quotes because where people draw the line at bug abuse varies wildly and is pointless to argue about when Nexon doesn't draw the line themselves.

    As for non-reboot, with my limited knowledge, isn't it weird to be trading cards without the potentials revealed? The same way I can buy items with certain stats I'd kind of expect the same from familiars.
  • [Illium] 3rd Job Advancement Bug

    AKradian wrote: »
    @Mr_Okay, you found three threads already reporting this bug, including one in which CM Ghiblee indicated Nexon is aware of it, and you added your input to all of them.
    And then you went and made a fourth thread because ... what, exactly?

    To all of us who were planning to Tera burn Illium, we're not only missing out on all the RISE events on that character as well as getting pushed back further in our leveling and all the perks that come from going past 200 while having absolutely NO idea of an ETA, an unscheduled maintenance announcement, or anything of the sort. Not all of us have the free time/account progression to push through the leveling in 2 days. Not to mention expired coupons/totems that we had saved up for said leveling.

    We understand it's frustrating to see the same thing posted on the forum multiple times, but it's a pretty serious and game-breaking bug so much as an estimate of when this fix can be done would be appreciated.
    At the very least I was hoping that opening a ticket with support would allow them to either find a workaround or do the job adv manually on their end, but even that doesn't seem possible.
  • Kicks during Pixel Skies minigame

    Bug type: Gameplay (Minigame)

    Brief bug summary: Kicks during Pixel Skies minigame

    More details: Sometimes upon reaching the floor of the Pixel Skies minigame, we get kicked out without any of the distance reward.
    Consistently when reaching the end, talking to Knight Kemdi kicks you out of the game without any additional reward, to the point where it's better to jump off the final platform to get ~1k pixel power distance reward than nothing at all.

    There's a General Chat discussion going on but I feel like it should also be reported on the bug report section instead.

    Steps to reproduce: Play the Pixel Skies minigame - Reach the end and talk to Knight Kemdi for consistent kicks.

    Character name: Any

    Character level: Irrelevant

    Character job: Irrelevant

    World name: Reboot (Irrelevant?)

    Date and time of the incident: Ever since Pixel Skies came out (Although floor kicks are less common after latest maintenance).
  • v212 Jett Nerfs

    Oh dear, I totally missed this since it wasn't in the bug reporting section and made my own bug report on the issue, how silly of me!

    I guess we'll see if it's actually intended or not since it will either get deleted or moved here if it is intentional - Wish they would come out with a statement though