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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    bazzy wrote: »
    iArrowZ wrote: »
    can anyone please apply to whatever her job is LOL. we need new management..

    where is the karens when you need them..

    Well, Anna isn't really at fault, she's just the one that delivers news and takes the hits. All updates come from Korea and are approved by Korea before they are sent to GMS. Screw the developers lol.

    Anna is the producer for GMS, so yes, she definitely IS at fault here
  • Where's wind archer howling gale #of hits bug fix?

    ShokunKaYo wrote: »
    Dont tell me the devs r actually going to fix this bug with adventure patch later.

    Considering it was fixed in the Adventure update for KMS, that's exactly when they're going to fix it for GMS
    ShokunKaYo wrote: »
    Moreover, it's a bug that cuts a 5th skill dmg output not by 1/2, but 1/3!!!

    You realize cutting damage by 1/3 isn't worse than cutting it by 1/2, right?

  • No 20x Arcane symbols for sunny sunday

    I can't get them either. Some people have gotten them.
    The current theory seems to be that Nexon re-used the same event quest ID from back in November so anyone who claimed the 20x symbols back then can't get them right now currently until Nexon fixes it
  • DMT was posted and then removed on the main site.

    Sounds to me like you fell for the 2017 DMT posts people were trolling with on Reddit and other places.
  • Kanna Treasure Ring Restock

    Zaela wrote: »
    Having the ring in the Princess No boxes sounds like a good idea. I just hope they wouldn't make it too rare. Maybe on par with primal drops from Ark.

    Primal drops from Ark are already extremely rare even with drop gear so that goes against your whole "I just hope they wouldn't make it too rare". Plus you can't boost the drop rate from boxes so it'd be even more rare than getting Primals from Ark.
    They would have to massively boost the drop rate of the ring from PNo boxes in order for it to be worthwhile. Nexon would also have to change the PQ to allow players to enter it solo instead of being restricted to requiring 2+ players.