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  • "Reach Stage 30 in [Eliminate]" does not complete

    It's working as intended, it's just poorly worded. You have to beat Stage 30 for it to count, but unfortunately the Stage 30 mobs are level 260 so you need to be Level 241+ in Reboot to clear.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    bazzy wrote: »
    iArrowZ wrote: »
    can anyone please apply to whatever her job is LOL. we need new management..

    where is the karens when you need them..

    Well, Anna isn't really at fault, she's just the one that delivers news and takes the hits. All updates come from Korea and are approved by Korea before they are sent to GMS. Screw the developers lol.

    Anna is the producer for GMS, so yes, she definitely IS at fault here
  • Please fix the game " REBOOT"

    you can Make 10 bil/day if you Farm byebye station for liek 10 hours a day i seen alot of people do that inculding myself ..
    You even could have even done x 4 this rates that on older days ...

    Where are you getting your numbers from? With current Kishin even with max meso modifiers you're making at most 700-750 an hour at Byebye when taking into account sudoku times. Pre-nerf you were still making around the same, probably slightly less. The only way you were MAYBE making around 1bil an hour was during the super old days where non-KMS maps didn't have the level penalties and you could farm there on a level 200+ Kanna
    Your second point about crystals
    Yes,They increased price on Boss crystals but that's not enough Becuase they limited income to max 300 mil/ week from bosses ..

    You must be doing something horribly wrong if you're only making 300mil a week from bosses. If you can solo up through Lomien (Lotus + Damien) you can easily make 750mil a week just from weekly bosses on a single character. Now I'm not saying they shouldn't increase the boss crystal value, because even at 750mil a week it's pretty pitiful when compared to casually Byebye farming for an hour or two
    My whole point was to add more ways to make mesos that would help newer player fund thier class without resorting to Making a MEsos farmer and then start hatting the game all together or Just start using bots/hacks which is realy cheap by the way and not caughtable which people ran for ages now ..
    So as a realy old player who tested everything ..
    i Think making a mesos farmer is realy toxic to the game and toxic to new players to the server ..
    Which can be fixed by removign Death penalty from lv 1 - 200 , Increasing Ways of getting mesos , Scalling Mesos with ur level so you can feel statisfied Leveling on ur main while making a good rate of mesos to sustain you throught it ... :)

    Removing the EXP loss penalty from 1 to 200 only hurts earlygame and midgame players. Kannas require a great deal of funding to be able to efficiently farm in Arcane River, especially Arcana, and removing the ability for players to make Byebye Kannas severely hampers their farming ability to even be able to fund an ArKanna in the first place
    All this'll do is benefit people who already have an ArKanna and/or are in the process of making one, and screw over everyone else who doesn't have an ArKanna
  • Why aren't Arcane Droplets dropping?

    CrystalOra wrote: »
    I have drop rate equips on all the time and a spider out. I was consistently gaining droplets. Now I get nothing wth!!! You can't just tell me that it is RNG. The rate changed and I don't like it when the % drop of an item is being messed with!!!

    You DO know what RNG is, right? There's a reason why it's called RANDOM number generator. If something has like a 1% drop rate it doesn't mean it'll always drop after 100 kills.
  • To those who asked for hard core server

    ShadEight wrote: »
    True hard mode is pre-bb maple 1x rates without 8-16x multiplier stacking

    pls gib old maple

    Imagine thinking Time = Difficulty