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  • DMT - Protest with your wallets.

    Krownop wrote: »
    If you want to protest then be as annoying as possible for every person working in this game right now.

    wait there's someone actually working on the game? all i see is people messing up the game, not "working" on it lol
  • Why Burning World is excluding reboot????

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Effortless wrote: »
    Nexon hates Reboot.

    Yeah that's why reboot's getting a dmt do-over. Because nexon hates the server.

    This thread is big smooth-brain energy.

    LOL i think you meant you're the smooth-brain energy one, maybe play the game more before posting about something you have no clue about... you even said it yourself, it's a do-over. Why? Because the event was an astronomical fail on Reboot because that's how low the reasoning on nexon's side is when it comes to thinking things through before acting. We basically didn't get a DMT since it lagged so bad we couldn't participate so it's a DO-OVER not a second one. Also, fixing their own f--- up doesn't mean they prefer us over reg servers. If the players didn't stand up and act up, Nexon would of just leave it be and not even have a do-over. But for once reboot stood up because we are sick of Nexon's ways of doing things half-assed. Look at every patch for new nx, how many of those new items are not available in reboot? For what reason? Literally none, it's fricking cosmetic items that don't change gameplay one bit yet we don't get it. Your reply just shows how you act similarly to nexon, act and don't think a single thing through. lol
  • Why Burning World is excluding reboot????

    We deserve to be part of this event, we have to pay the same price for nx items which pay for your employees salaries and the company to devlop content and sustain the game. Yet we get half the content. Most new NX items are excluded in reboot for literally no reason... Why would you not give us all the NX items? What kind of dumb excuse can you come up with for that? Why should we not be part of half the events and always get excluded from such good events and content all the time? If we get half the content we support by buying nx then you should also cut the prices in half, would only make sense that we need to invest less for the same thing as on other servers since we get less in return as well. At least give us 3 burninators or something, not just completely exclude a whole server with the biggest population on top of that. All summer, all you have been doing is bad decision after bad decision. Fail after fail with almost everything you come out with... If the game is about to die just close it down and be done with it instead of trying to screw everyone over. The way you treat reboot is unacceptable and totally disrespectful.
  • Why Burning World is excluding reboot????

    This is absolutely stupid... We pay for NX same price as any other server, so therefor we deserve every last bit of content that the regular servers get as well. We dont buy nx to pay employees salaries and sustain the company just so they develop content for other servers and give us screwed up events that don't even work as intended. If we get half the content then we should have to pay half price for nx items as well.
  • Potential Badges

    Cannonize wrote: »
    Vyrtae wrote: »
    I've said it before and will say it again. Nexon always mentions in their memos that they are pushing towards better game balance, while simultaneously doing the complete opposite. Removing something like this from the game while having older players keep it, is giving a permanent advantage to the older players. It's only creating imbalance if anything. I'd like to see the badges brought back, or as others said, make it so that you can starforce and pot the currently obtainable badges.

    I don't perceive it as an advantage, because if you play and earn an in-game item, why should you lose it just because of game balance? You spent your time and perhaphs money on getting it, so you deserve it. Long time ago there was an event for beta-players, where they could acquire cool maple bandanas called "Mark of the beta". Would you give them to every new player even though the beta period is over? Another one example can be "Family system", where you could add to "family tree" a player and gain points for his progression, which could be then exchanged for 1.5 EXP coupons. The family system has been removed, and following your reasoning, we should downgrade those players who lvled up using 1.5 EXP coupons.

    I observed that many players make their gameplay enjoyment dependent on items that boost their damage like there was nothing interesting to do beyond repetitive grinding. Quests have been forgotten and I guess nobody is doing regular quests anymore. As an advice to the Nexon team I would suggest to improve on quests and encourage players to play together and socialize through party quests. I think that the old MS was magical when it comes to playing together with others.

    Your point isn't exactly valid since everything you listed is purely for showing off, the bandana isn't a BiS hat that has better stats than any other obtainable hat at the moment. The exp coupons only make leveling faster, just like 2x events or what not, it doesn't change the fact any player can still reach level 275. As for the badges, there is currently nothing in game that can beat them stat wise and not even remotely come close to those stats. So all the examples you gave are not even in the same category as potable badges. The reason why people make it all about boosting damage, is because without that boost in damage, end game bosses are next to impossible. Compensating for a possible extra 39% stats, i don't think you realise how big of a gap that can be... plus the stats from starforce as well. It's not just new players suffer from this, even old players that start a new character can't have access to them either.