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  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    Nexon: we don't care if you can't participate deal with it if you're not one of the few who can cube. Think i will compensate you? haha keep on dreaming!

    Nexon literally ****'s in our faces and doesn't give a damn about it's player base's satisfaction
  • Nexon, please reconsider your acts of "balancing"

    Yacy wrote: »
    Also, only CRA top & bottom are BIS.

    CRA top & bottom take literally a few minutes to get, basically just one run of the boss and are BiS. Where gollux for 1 piece you will need roughly 23 runs, if you get 30 coins per run. so 23x longer. CRA Hat we could pretty much consider it BiS, by the time you get a 22* arcane hat to replace it you will be already most probably doing vhilla, not everyone will even get there. But with the gollux buff even less people will get there. I know lots of players who quit because the time you have to sink into maple is imcomparable to any other game and mmo. The progress is already so slow you can barely see yourself progressing. So making existing content even longer is completely counter productive, they are simply pushing away newer players. There's already so much to do in the game from dailies and events and bosses that even myself, playing a lot, have a hard time trying to make some time to even make link skills or legion characters. The way the game is currently, you cannot have a normal life and expect to progress in the game in any reasonable time.
    Vyrtae wrote: »
    Arcane set is fine, and you know why? Because it's a longterm goal which players can work towards. Now say if they suddenly doubled the prices of droplets, would it still be fine? Would you still be happy? No, of course you wouldn't be. People with arcane gear right now would laugh since they got their gear for a good droplet rate, while you would have to suffer and grind twice as much to get there. This is basically what the whole gollux revamp is.

    My point exactly, the content became harder and items close to tripled in price. Now if they took that 250 droplets and turned it to around 650-700 droplets for your weapon, you can say whatever you want but we all know you'd go berserk with them making it almost 3x longer than it was. Like he said, mmos do evolve, and yes i expect a somewhat slow progression otherwise people would max out too fast. But that also means, there's new content coming out every now and then, old content will eventually become easier and easier as new and stronger items come out. That's just how it is. When empress came out, they didnt buff von leon because people with empress gear could beat him easier. When CRA came out they didn't buff empress because people with CRA could beat her easier. When absolab came out they didn't buff CRA because people could face roll CRA. You don't go making old content 10x harder just out of the blue because new items you released make it easier. Otherwise just dont release new items and content won't get easier, pretty much the same thing. What's the point of getting better items if they will take the existing content and push it up to make it as hard as it was with old gear? Isn't the whole point of an mmo to get new items and beat the bosses that were hard before with more ease?
  • Familiar revamp feel like a punishment for reboot

    Agreed, the drop rate doesn't make it balanced in any way. The familiar shop with this drop rate is not even realisticly possible. 7500 hours of farming for 1 booster pack? Please do tell me how is that balanced? And that's 7500 hours of farming a mob that doesn't give mesos, items or exp basically. Why would you try and make lvl 200+ players spend a few years of non-stop farming at snails just to be able to buy a familiar booster pack? And reboot doesn't get to reroll potentials, awesome even more absurd amounts of time to get a familiar with decent potential. How about the badges? So without booster packs we can all agree it's pointless to even try to complete any badges right? I mean having to kill bosses to get their familiars with this drop rate... Do i have to sit in a map waiting for the boss to spawn and then cc for a whole year to get that boss' familiar card? Let's not forget i'm not playing the game alone, so make that a few years competing with other players for the boss. Absolutely a big slap in the face, revamping a system just to make it unusable, what was the point of wasting ressources to revamp it if players won't even be able to use it in any realistic situation. If you farm for a good familiar / badge, if you're lucky you will get them before maplestory dies out with the current drop rate. But on the other hand you won't have progressed in the game what so ever while farming them.
  • Remove the pic from the storages

    Completely pointless and unnecessary, worst part is, they STILL didn't fix the dumb cooldown on the storage. So someitmes you waste your time entering the PIC and "oh woops you're on cooldown! Please try again!" Can we get a storage cooldown reduction potentential on items to help with this? LOL
  • Nexon, please reconsider your acts of "balancing"

    I would totally agree with nexon on the gollux revamp ONLY if they simple made the shop restock and keep the old gollux system. OR if they revamped and made him harder and either increased the number of coins he drops or just keep the price of items as they were. By the time people can solo hellux to get a decent/reasonable amount of coins to get 1 superior per month, you'll be already far in the 240s. Some people soloing lotus are either unable or have an extremely hard time killing hellux. Lotus pretty much gives you equal quality items as hellux. yet you can get the full absolab (5-6 pieces) in about a month. Cra which are also BiS take you roughly 2 weeks (not counting the 10 normal RA runs to unlock it) sometimes a 3rd week for the weapon. But thats still 2-3 weeks to get 3 BiS gear pieces and dont forget that's only doing the 4 bosses ONCE a week, not every single day for 2-3 weeks. If you do hellux, which most probably you can't solo it, would take you one month, so since he's so hard to do, pretty much every person who needs gollux gear will have to do hard gollux, so thats roughly 2 months. But wait, thats not klling gollux once per week, thats killing gollux EVERYDAY for 2 whole months for one single BiS. And guess what you'll be able to solo cra bosses before being able to solo hellux obviously, since he's harder than lotus now. So if you try to defend it and say it's on par with other BiS items that's not true. Making him harder would of been fine if they didn't nearly triple the cost of the items in the shop which imo is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary.