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  • We all want a merge

    riza wrote: »
    ...but the majority has spoken we want a merge. ALSO I WANT TO SEE TIFA SENSEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the majority that are on the forums, keep in mind that not all players use the forums. Your numbers are as fudged as the us political vote results. Context here - the majority of the forum users are rallying on it.

    As for the whole thing, why not just go with what another suggested and alliance more up and see how that goes? Better yet, why don't we push for more means of dealing with the botters [I know some people have left the game as they got sick of the botters and nothing seemed to change when they reported often] before a merge or alliance change?

    and I keep seeing people going on about MMORPG and how it can't be if there's not a population - the numbers will not change for the game itself - it's still the same number of people just on different worlds/alliances/etc. So by that definition, it's still a MMORPG. I'm game for trying to up the number of players seeing one another, but I also want the botters dealt with, better quests [to lead to party play again] and maybe make some bosses require an actual party of 3+ players to go in to fight it.
  • We all want a merge

    Gomenasai wrote: »
    Trystarr wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    Acgnolia wrote: »
    Luxx wrote: »
    Gomenasai wrote: »
    but at least we, asians, have some manners
    Don't make this into some sort of racial debate.

    I agree with you, I don't want to get this thread closed before we possibly get another response from Nexon

    Why would Nexon respond again, when you all completely ignored Arwoo's first response, and continue to argue in the same circles?

    Also lets hope the next response by Nexon to this wildly popular complaint is posted on the homepage with an actual solution, not just a comment in a thread.

    Edit ** Lets also hope Nexon doesn't act out of spite and not solve a problem that is plaguing a significant portion of the population because a few people are bickering about it.

    Hey, where can I find more people like you?
    Also, when I've told to some people in the game about the fact that there are some people who are still bickering about not merging worlds and that they love being in a dead server, every single person I told him that, was really shocked and was like "This is a lie, they must take care of the majority first".

    It's also ridiculous because MapleStory is an MMPORG game, it must have as many people as possible, it's not an SG (Solo Game).... so basically if you want a dead server, then MapleStory, as an MMPORG game, is really just not for you.... -_-

    too bad they have set up many things as a solo player - looking at bosses, many you can go in as a "one-man party" and some after hitting a level limit you can solo [prior you need at least one other character in the party]. Grinding they've tried to address by adding bonus exp but that hasn't really done anything to improve. PQ's are still dead as it's (1) easier to grind elsewhere (2) rewards aren't worth it [high level entry, low level reward] and (3) the exp rate is for a majority isn't worthwhile.

    Fix the issue of making the game solo play first, because even if you merge everyone into one world like "the majority" push for, it's still not going to make it a MMORPG as a whole. It'll just put the entire populace [those numbers don't change for the game itself] into one world, that's all it'll do. It won't make it where people are partying up more than they do on the current worlds they play on. Sure it'll be likely to get a tele to bosses like Zak or Horntail, but will those people stay in the party? Likely not. Still solo play.
  • Please, re-balance Party Quests

    In both the experience and rewards to gain from them. The level to enter most of the pq's is rather high but their rewards are low level and virtually of no use at a higher level. Please fix this issue. Some of us would like to see pq's become a thing to do again rather than just grinding out in the world in the same spot as others.
  • When will Mega Character Burninator be fixed?

    usually Thursday morning
  • Looking for friends again

    Hi, might help to say what server [alliance/world] you play on, your IGN and the time frame you tend to play [please specify your time zone].