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  • Lvl 260 main....KS lvl 30 maps....Good game design

    When I woke up this morning I jumped out of bed, all sorts of excited, to KS 7 other people for familiar cards in an overpopulated lvl 30 map.
    Was a great time.

    Nexon, why are you forcing all your higher level players to KS the low level players?
    We have our own high level maps, why are there no familiar cards there?
  • No Familiar Red cards for Reboot

    iArrowZ wrote: »
    pretty sure red card is p2w.. so why suprised?
    the fact that it is not there very likely means it is entirely possibly to work on familiars without using it?
    or did i read those patch notes wrong?

    How do they handle cubes on reboot?....meso/rewards shop
    Not hard

    This is the equivalent of not giving reboot red/black cubes for meso in the cash shop at all.

    So the ONLY way to tier up familiars in Reboot is to farm....THOOOOOOOOUSANDS....of familiar cards and fuse them and HOPE TO GOD you get something good.
    Oh, and no legendary tier...can only get legendary tier with red cards......so Reboot is just extra screwed.
  • No Familiar Red cards for Reboot


    Sure yeah, let's just alienate nearly 50% of our player base......

    Nexon, any time you make a decision and think...no Reboot doesn't get that...I want you to look at this graph, then bash your face into a wall for 20 min.
    If you still think denying reboot progression items is a good idea....keep smashing your face into that solid object until you stop thinking that
  • No "Level Up" notification in chat?

    Anyone else not generating level up notifications in guild chat?
    I am lvl 250+ The last 3 times I have leveled, in the past month, none of my guildies see a notification at all.
    No, I am not in offline mode. I am sure to be in All chat, and even in the screenshots it doesn't show the chat message popping up like it does normally.
    Are there just some levels it doesn't care about alerting guild mates about?
  • kick AFK people after certain time

    They never will. They have to show their investors that they have a large online player count.
    Even if they are not actually playing