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  • Fix your garbage servers Nexon!

    FFS if you can't fix your garbage tier servers make it so MVP stays when you relog.
  • Kish nerf is worse than you think

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Strongest class ingame by far gets a well-deserved nerf, everybody goes apeshit

    Everyone gets a meso rate nerf. That meso you farmed over the last month to get those stars...now will take 2x-3x as long
    This is a nerf to EVERYONE who had a meso farmer
  • Kish nerf is worse than you think

    In order to keep Kish up you need to proc Nightghost
    Things that do not proc nightghost:
    Domain, souls, tengu, boss

    You proc nightghost significantly less if you are one shotting mobs

    The more effective you are at farming the less time Kish stays up

    Meso farming is no longer a calm thing you can do while watching a movie anymore, you are going to micromanaging summons like a mech.

    If this nerf was make it so players do not use kish mules to level up....It is still more viable to use a kish mule and have kish for 30 seconds every 60 seconds than to not have kish at all. This nerf won't change the amount of players online at all.....other than the players who quit over the change

    Cabbage......Nexon your heads are full of wilted cabbage.
  • Daily reminder that after the quarantine is over..

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Summer update soon, friend. There will be no massive drop-off in players. Especially not with a new class on the horizon.

    New class = Good
    Can't use kish to help them level = BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD
  • The Reputation of Nexon

    Nexon is not a game developer.
    Nexon is a publisher.

    I would like to think a developer creates with the player in mind first and the money second.
    A publisher is the opposite. We have a game how can we get as much money as possible from it.

    Now both roles are needed for sure. You need an amazing game, but you also need good market exposure.
    Now lets go look at reviews for NexonNA as an employer at glassdoor....oh look, 2/5 stars. and most of the reviews all have a similar theme.
    "New ideas constantly rejected"
    "If you are not Korean you have no chance at advancement"
    "Old management has no idea what they are doing"

    Even their newest game, Maplestory 2. Nexon did not "Make" that game, they hired NSquare to make it for them. And then Nexon promptly ruined it and closed it down.

    So yeah. Nexon has a history of sticking their head in the sand and pretending they are good at what they do.
    I honestly feel really bad for the developers, because on one hand you need a job, on the other hand you are basically working for the Korean version of EA