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  • Thank you for breaking the silence a bit for us!

    I really fail to comprehend Nexon's decision to keep everything the way it is, while all they received over the past few days is negative feedback. From my understanding this is not how you keep a healthy, happy playerbase. I understand balancing is a thing, but the question that rises is to what extent do you "balance" things?

    Currently there's so many things wrong with both the familiar system and Gollux, I don't even know where to begin. Do they really expect us to farm 1200 green snails to get 1 familiar card, while also maintaining ludicrous prices in the familiar shop? It'd take forever to complete a single badge without paying for boosterpacks in the cash shop. All they had to do is nerf the jr boogie droprate, and things would've been fine. Badges would still be hard to get, since area bosses had an extremely low card droprate. If you are in reboot it'll take weeks if not months to complete a single badge set at this point. They may as well just have left the system as it was.

    As for Gollux this is only detrimental for newer players, which is honestly a strange move. There's a huge influx of newer players due to all the coronavirus stuff going on. The newer player will have to perform additional steps to eventually get to their items while older players had none of that. It'll only make the grind to the accessories longer which will put people off. On top of that if you are finally strong enough to beat Gollux it'll still take forever to get a single accessory. This is just an additional slap in the face, and does nothing good to the game's balance. Look at it this way. An old player is given two pieces of a cookie to make a whole, while the new player has to get 20 pieces of the cookie to make a whole. On top of that the new player also has to complete a smaller cookie to get the bigger one. If you are truly going to keep it like this then at least add a practice mode to Gollux. You took away our 3 entries, made the boss 10x tankier and increased the hitboxes. How are new players supposed to learn how to deal with the mechanics with only 5 deaths a day?

    Now for anyone claiming that Gollux should be hard cause it has BiS gear. Gollux does indeed have extremely good gear tied to it, but having kept Gollux the same for years and suddenly changing it to "balance things" is not the way forward. If you really wanted to balance things out then Gollux should have been this hard from the start. To try and balance something that has been in the game for years only hurts the newer players and ultimately does nothing for the overall balance of the game. The same goes for the familiar cards. The people that farmed boogies already broke your intended ingame balance, cause you released the content too quickly without taking a proper look at it. Now in the end you did adjust that, but what do we ultimately get? An angry mob of people who did not farm boogies, and will now have to farm for months or maybe even years to get to the same level as the people who just farmed boogies for 1 hour.