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  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    HalbBlut wrote: »
    1. For those who say this is "unacceptable" - go pay for quality you entitled swine!
    2. For those demanding compensation - refer to 1.

    Let's all remind ourselves, this is a free to play game and an extra-free to play server. NA Reboot doesn't generate enough revenue to justify more/better servers - if you want the issue resolved? Spend NX! But complaining that the FREE game, on the FREE server, for the FREE event, and the FREE cubes you got....well it is hard to sympathize.
    Hilarious when players say stuff like "hard earned" or "worked for" since they are referring to time spent in a video game, time that they CHOSE to spend collecting a game currency.

    Y'all are speaking to the publisher, not the developer.

    I'm sorry but what are you even talking about? So just because it's a free to play game we should just take every bad decision made by nexon for granted? You should realize that without players this game, or any MMORPG for that matter, would be nothing; it'd simply cease to exist. There's plenty of people paying for this game and it changes absolutely nothing. There have been multiple community outcries over the past 3(+?) maple memos and all Nexon did is walk away from them. On top of that your point about publisher/developer is completely irrelevant. In KMS they already get 24h DMT sessions, do you understand what this means? The code is already there, and even if it weren't it'd only be a matter of changing a simple line. GMS' producer deliberately chose to do 1h time frames.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    The main purpose of these changes is to reduce the gap in efficiency between classes in a way that highlights the playing style of each class.
    How exactly is Nexon going to reduce the gap between class efficiency when they nerf not just kishin, but also totems? Do they even know what they are saying at all?
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    I have never seen a company being THIS out of touch with their playerbase
  • Superstar Spotlight skill song change [REQUEST]

    I 200% support this. I basically have my ingame BGM muted 24/7 cause of current spotlight. The sound quality of the new song is better, and that alone already makes it way more bearable.
  • Potential Badges

    I've said it before and will say it again. Nexon always mentions in their memos that they are pushing towards better game balance, while simultaneously doing the complete opposite. Removing something like this from the game while having older players keep it, is giving a permanent advantage to the older players. It's only creating imbalance if anything. I'd like to see the badges brought back, or as others said, make it so that you can starforce and pot the currently obtainable badges.