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  • Official Discord Feedback Thread

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    Thanks Okhura for making this post!
    We are well aware that there are improvements that can be made with the way we deal with and manage our Official MapleStory Discord. We'll review all the feedback and have an internal discussion about how our Discord management can be improved.
    Thank you.

    I think both the forums and Discord share the same core issue. Players want to be heard and make an impact, but they are ignored or told change is coming, when it doesn't.

    A simple example: I just read through the user Unemployed's suggestion thread about "The problem with Cash Shop updates" (http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/28865/the-problem-with-cash-shop-updates#latest), where they share discussions about how users aren't being heard for what they want to spend money on. Ghiblee was contacted by Unemployed and among other points acknowledged that items are not being selected by player and are instead just chosen months in advance. It is stated that the only way to contact this mysterious "team" is only via Ghiblee directly, which puts a lot of stress on her and unjustly makes failures to implement change like this seem like her fault somehow, which I know isn't true.

    Now, I have a suggestion that CS hair boxes should rotate weekly to keep interest high and options diverse. I haven't posted it to the forum because:
    1) KMS doesn't do this. It is clear GMS gets whatever KMS does, regardless of flaws, and anything independent isn't polished or QA-tested (ie. Gollux difficulty-to-reward (why is his loot not instanced?!), Familiars being ruined then locked away, Beast Tamer skill tree having issues functioning without expansion, Kannas/Totems always being a hot topic, the list goes on).
    2) It falls on deaf ears. No "admins" reply or acknowledge anything, and when someone of note replies, nothing changes. In May of 2018 the user Argent posted "Adding V-Matrix Safeguards" (http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/19591/adding-v-matrix-safeguards), in which AKradian replied "Thank you for the detailed and demonstrated suggestions. I agree that accidentally disassembling a high-level node is all too easy, and needs protection. I have forwarded this thread." Nothing has changed, and this takes away any sense of contribution to the game.

    Now, as a long conclusion about the Discord from talking about the forum: the Discord is not the most official place to post, the forums are. If the forums have the failure to allow actual input, how can the Discord succeed while being less official? If the Discord isn't official enough to have any impact, then what's the point of it? Both need to have transparency and figureheads with authority and impact on the decisions. Outrage needs to be heard, I understand silencing spam, however, it needs to be addressed more than "we told the "team", hopefully they reply." The issue fall less on the volunteers and more on this "team" that no one seems to hear from.
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    Just wanted to add my returning-player view on Gollux in relation to the influx-of-new/returning-players statement, it is feels very backwards in the new design. New characters/players on Reboot are not going to get Gollux gear for months.

    Getting Gollux coins to buy items takes time, which makes sense and is beneficial to avoid waiting on RNG-drops, but with the new prices and huge difficulty spike, the only players able to get coins at a feasible rate (as compared to the rate before the adjustments) are ones who are already equipped with Superior Gollux gear. New characters/players will not be able to get these at the old rate without a decked-out carry, and on Reboot you cannot simply use your 200+ character to farm gear for your new ones.

    It just doesn't make sense in its current state and feels like it is not worth doing until something changes/is reverted. The old design was fine and new one is a terrible Catch-22 (to get stronger due to the good Gollux gear you must first be stronger due to the good Gollux gear). It's a bad change and needs to be redone and reverted in the meantime.