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  • Please Make Sia for Real Maple!

    Sia's movement options are so much fun, but she is severely held back being on MapleStory M and if she was in real MapleStory then her movement would be truly unlocked with a physical control setup!
  • Official GMS 2022 Boycott

    You say Nexon does not listen, but then you write this post showing you do not listen to Nexon when they speak up. You got to listen when they communicate or they just stop trying to communicate to us.
    "Lots of players didnt get the DMT at 25/12, servers are still unstable, lots of content is missing from the winter update, StarForce prices are unreal, Yet ANOTHER Kishin Nerf, no vac pet in reboot, no new years package for GMS, no frequent cash transfer event, RNG related rates still weren't published, Legion Wealth and Drop Coupons Dissapear On DC While Exp Coupons Do Not, NO 64 BIT Client!!and There's No Communication From Nexon's Side regarding those matters at all...."

    ~ DMT this is going to compensated for those that didn't get, they mentioned this already.

    ~ Servers are insanely expensive and we have more people on the world than what it is meant to hold. Solution is Reboot 2, but that is very risk with such a high cost of buying all those server blades (computers) and building the server. This will at the very least give new players a better playing experience with a more stable server since less people on it.

    ~ We do not get 1:1 content as KMS, we just get a lot of KMS content, not all of it.

    ~ Wait for events. Star Force could get lowered in price, but at the same time you just want things given to you without working for it. Not very good for the health of the game if things are just given to you.

    ~ Good! Better for the game. Now Kanna players must be under the same restrictions as literally every class in the game! Maybe players will explore the game more and discover new mesos farmers.

    ~ They said they are adding vacuum pets, just be patient. They might be implementing it in a better way than you expected...

    ~ New Years is insignificant to GMS, no one in NA cares about New Years that much, so why would Nexon America do anything for it? This is just you wanting stuff because someone else got it... entitled spoiled brat mentality.

    ~ 2021 we got two cash transfer events which is one more than 2020. That is more frequent cash transfer events. They also said more frequent, not frequent. Listen when people speak or they will stop communicating if you are not going to listen to them.

    ~ The rate application will happen, got to be patient. It takes awhile to implement these things and we have to wait for Korea Nexon to do the thing first... Again, listen when they speak.

    ~ Fair, coupons should be saved if we DC. This is something Nexon Korea needs to do though.

    ~ Be patient, 64-bit client is happening, things take time and not just happen with the snap of a finger.

    Again, they do communicate, you just do not listen. Learn to listen first before saying someone doesn't communicate.