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  • APQ: Changes and Rework

    APQ (Amoria Party Quest) is pretty outdated at this point and can definitely have changes done to it to bring it up to modern MapleStory, including its prizes.


    Requirements: Minimum Level for Entry increased to level 200 and you must be Maple-Married!
    The other requirement is that you must enter as a party of 2, 4, or 6 instead of only a 6-man party (no separated couples allowed!, but of course you don't have to enter with your spouse's character).

    Rewards at the end will be client side since this is always a more than one person thing to do everyday.

    Also, the limit will be changed from every 6-hours to once per day clear.


    The quest will have a complete overhaul where when you enter you will be placed in a room with four portals.
    One will lead to the boss directly, which is the most important bit, the other three will each lead to a puzzle-type of room in some way with a maximum of 2 players at a time in each room (so a 6-man party can do all 3 puzzles at the same time).

    Each time you clear a puzzle room, the difficulty of the boss goes down by 1-stage, decreasing the difficulty and HP, but also the rewards at the end. So this works like Gollux with the four difficulties of Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell.

    The prize box at the end will drop Love Coins, increasing the amount based on the boss' difficulty and drop rate of the individual. With a chance to drop Onyx Apples that increase in chance with boss difficulty only and a very rare chance for a couples chair that can seat up to a total of 2-characters on it.


    The prizes you can redeem with Love Coins in a special shop will be things like (examples):

    ~ Level 200 Badge (Cannot have potential. Cannot have starforce.)
    ~ Level 200 Medal ((Cannot have potential. Cannot have starforce.)
    ~ Level 200 Pocket Item (Cannot have potential. Cannot have starforce.)
    ~ Level 200 Ring (Can have potential. Starforce up to 25 stars.)
    ~ Level 200 Face Accessory (Can have potential. Starforce up to 25 stars.)
    ~ Level 200 Eye Accessory (Can have potential. Starforce up to 25 stars.)
    ~ Onyx Apple
    ~ Special Chair 1 (Seats up to 2 characters)
    ~ Special Chair 2 (Seats up to 2 characters)
    ~ Special "Cash" Outfit Hat
    ~ Special "Cash" Outfit Overall
    ~ Special "Cash" Outfit Gloves (Bracelet)
    ~ Special "Cash" Outfit Cape
    ~ Special "Cash" Outfit Weapon
    ~ Special "Cash" Outfit Shoes

    These items will have their own and very powerful set bonus as well!
    Examples for set bonus rewards:

    ~ 2 Set: +5000 HP/MP and +50 All Stats
    ~ 3 Set: +25 All Stats and +30 Weapon/Magic Att
    ~ 4 Set: +20 Weapon/Magic Att and +10% Boss Damage
    ~ 5 Set: +10% Boss Damage and +30% Ignore Enemy Defense
    ~ 6 Set: +10% Boss Damage and +5% Critical Damage
    ~ 7 Set: Be in a party with your Spouse for +5% Critical Damage

    (Clarity: Need to have the full equipment set and be in an active party with your Spouse's character for an additional +5% Critical Damage.)

    If you have the complete Special "Cash" Outfit set equipped, you have a special effect when near your spouse-character.


  • The Maple Pass

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    I have long thought that Nexon needs a better system than MVP Gold/Diamond/Whatever and that a subscription method with lower bar for entry would be a better system so while I might not entirely agree with this idea I do think it is something Nexon could experiment with again.
    We actually had a battlepass event a few years back and I wonder if it would be worth Nexon's time to see if doing this more regularly would be better for player's wallets and Nexon's income.

    A battle pass needs to keep free players coming in every day to create player interactivity which helps boost players to spend money on the game, plus time investment to a game usually nets some kind of real money purchase from players that normally would spend nothing.
    This is the importance of a free track.

    A paid track is obviously to make more money.
  • Gollux Equips Quality of Life Change

    Gollux Equips all being the same colour gem makes it hard to see which is which at a glance. So I think their gem colour should match their aura colour.

    Cracked: Purple Gems to Orange Gems
    Solid: Remain as Purple Gems
    Reinforced: Purple Gem to Blue Gem
    Superior: Purple Gem to Green Gem

    This way it will be much easier to see what equipment is what at a quicker glance without needing to hover over the item to make sure it is the correct equipment.

  • Tell us the Popularity Rate to Special Drop?

    They told us initially that the 2x Special Drop Coupons are a low-popularity item, but then they review the PURCHASE RATE and tell us the PURCHASE RATE of the item...

    This is nice and all, but I still want to know the POPULARITY RATE of the item.
    How many people out of the total amount of players bought this item?

    I knew from the beginning they slipped the item in at the bottom of the post hoping no one would notice. The reason for the removal was always about the balance of the game and I am surprised the item was not removed years ago to be honest.

    Next time, when you do stuff like this Nexon, you got to come up with a solution that introduces something positive when taking something away that players like. Like you could introduce 30 minutes Wild Totems (in addition to the already 120 minutes Wild Totems) to the game with Small Wealth Acquisition Potions as something for players to be happy with (and gets more players coming on and playing as well which is also good for the game long-term).
    ~ It helps everyone be able to slowly grind each day of Maple in small 30-min chunks at a time and not upset the game-economy since it is more options to grind, but not giving more than what the game already gives. (And it makes Reboot players happy.)


    You are shooting yourself in the foot when you deliver bad news to players without something good to go alongside it. You got to be thinking more ahead when you do stuff like this.
  • Better Maple: Maple Tour + Akechi Shops

    Right now, the Maple Tour and Akechi Shops do not offer anything really worth any value. My ideas should allow for players a way to keep up constant and regular playtime which would result in a healthy game for the future with more active all year around and not just from the surge when a big update happens.


    Maple Tour Shop:

    New Item: Golden Totem
    Cost: 2 Maple Tour Coins (So you can have 1 per day if you wanted.)

    Golden Totem is a special kind of totem that when equipped allows you to summon a Golden Totem that increases the Spawn by +75% (175% Spawn) and Spawn Rate by +0% (100% Spawn Rate, aka the spawn rate does not change) for 180 seconds until you need to summon it again and increases the total Mesos you obtain by 20% (so it works like Wealth Acquisition Potion and stacks with it as well).

    Each equip of a Golden Totem will last for 30 minutes after you activate the coupon.

    Summoning an effect that changes the spawn and/or spawn rate will remove a currently summoned Golden Totem from play and you cannot summon the Golden Totem while a spawn and/or spawn rate enhancing effect is in play.

    (Increasing only the Spawn here will allow players to traverse to other, larger maps rather than rely on smaller maps that Wild Totem (and other totems) typically accel at and helps players explore more content in the game this way.)

    New Item: Small Wealth Acquisition Potion
    Cost: 2 Maple Tour Coins

    Increase your Item Drop Rate and Total Mesos Obtained by 20% for 30 minutes.

    (So you can either do a Golden Totem everyday or do a more efficient one every other day.)

    New Item: Wealth Acquisition Potion
    Cost: 8 Maple Tour Coins

    Increase your Item Drop Rate and Total Mesos Obtained by 20% for 120 minutes.

    (This is to give players the option to save up and just do a big gains Wild Totem 2-hours farming session.)


    Akechi Coin Shop:

    New Item: 90-Days Mini Akechi Mitsuhida Petite Pet
    Cost: 20 Akechi Coins

    This is a 90 days Vacuum Pet that cannot be taught pet skills, does not have any stats on him, and cannot be revived with any water of life, after the 90 days is up, he will die forever. So to renew the little guy, you got to buy a whole new one with another 20 Akechi Coins.

    (20 Coins here assures that upon doing Akechi every week over a 90 days period, you will be able to buy another 90 days vacuum pet to replace the previous one rewarding the player for actively playing the game every week.)

    New Item: Onyx Apple
    Cost: 1 Akechi Coins

    This will offer an additional way to get the glorious Onyx Apple outside of Amoria Party Quest, can do both for even more! More ways to get that juicy 100 weapon/magic attack buff for 10 minutes!

    (As a reminder, you get the Akechi coins at a similar rate to the boss drop cores of Lotus and Damien, so the costs are low since you do not get very many coins every week.)


    P.S. I am aware I do not have the actual, correct coin names, does not really matter.