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  • Update takes too long and is absolutely too big

    8 GB download is just 8 GB download, the install is reorganizing the files on your computer and is not downloading anything, swaps out the old files for the new files
  • Familiar Changes

    Familiars do need a full rework, but these are really good improvements for the game.
  • Guild Cache Exp

    You can also not complete weekly mission on more than one character at the moment either
  • Make All Decent Skills Passives

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Change Decent Advanced Blessing to have the all stat bonus the other skills have, increase said bonus on these skills to scale the same way rope lift does (+30 at max).
    Nexon uses these as a crutch to help sell pet auto buff, which should be turned into a free always applied pet skill regardless. It's just a unnecessary microtransaction.
    A lot of classes struggle with keyboard space and auto-buff is feels extra egregious towards these classes, more so when they can't even fit them all into autobuff.

    Decent skills also consume HP in bosses which can result in death, a poorly timed decent skill rebuff can actually result in certain attacks killing you when they wouldn't have normally.

    The auto buff argument is a bad one because decent skills couldn't be auto buff until like 1-2 years ago, plus the amount of money they make off them is so low that it wouldn't be worth holding on to with the potential of making the game feel so much better to play that more people play which in turn means more paying customers.

    Let's say you have 200 less sales of auto buff and gain 10 people to buy 11 surprise style boxes per year, that is both more money you made plus way more money when it comes to multi-year sales since auto buff is a one time purchase.

    Plus Extreme Lotus / New Lotus is a boss where he is always attacking you, so this would be a very good make the game playable feature.

    Just make the game better and make decent skills passive.

    In fairness, Advanced Blessing gives 66 weapon/magic attack, 10% boss, and zero stat for the real thing with hyper passives and decent combat orders, so it does make sense to why the decent version doesn't give stat. Sure 30 all stat at max rank be nice, but I am more concerned with these skills being passives at this time.
  • Make All Decent Skills Passives

    It is time to make decent skills all passive effects and the active just plays the animation.

    Bosses are not designed around windows of opportunity to pause and buff up for a long time now and ruins the flow to mobbing as well, it is now an annoying mechanic to deal with that serves no purpose.

    New, returning, and all current players all will benefit from passive decent skills.

    Especially new and returning players that benefit the most since a new player won't get turned off by the annoying inconvenience of having to slowly rebuff with decent skills constantly.
    Returning players that did buy auto buff on their pets, but their pets are now dead, and then they come back just to be severely inconvenienced that they might decide that it is not worth sticking around long term and just immediately disappear again instead of playing MapleStory.