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Save a mouse, eat a pussy


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  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    before i forget, Thank you nexon for the free 2x event to compensate for last maintenance
  • Kanna Bugged

    It is against my principles to spend nx for problems that are caused by nexon.
    Years ago, when they had trouble handling their security, they took advantage of this by trying to sell us locks to keep our items secure against hackers instead of providing free locks for all players.
    In this case they would profit again from something they can solve if we buy resets with nx.
    If they really care about their players they can show us some goodwill by providing us with this temporary solution for free in my opinion.
    A free reset coupon in the gift box or in the CS would do the trick, and it does not take hours of programming to get it done.
    Lets see if they can come up with a better short term solution.
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    I for one am very positively surprised with all the detailed feedback the maple-team is providing us with during this major patch.
    Thank you for the goodwill of sharing all this info and keep up the good work. It is more than we ever could expect in the past.
    Knowing an update takes as long as it takes it is nice to know what is going on.

    Don´t forget to take enough coffee-breaks once in a while if this ensures us of a better quality of the end product.
    Relax and get some rest if need be:

    We all hope to be able to play again soon, and hope you will be able to celebrate a successfull major update.

    Once again, thanks for the effort the team puts in to put us back on trail.
  • haste mission for week 2 not starting

    ^Make that 3 days in a row, any solutions?
  • haste mission for week 2 not starting

    Bug type: quest for 88888 kills does not start up

    Brief bug summary: daily mission is finished but weekly does not start up / all 9 boxes are opened

    Steps to reproduce: do all daily missions

    Character name: xXAlidiaX

    Character level: 211

    Character job: phantom

    World name: luna

    Date and time of the incident: both yesterday and today 22,00h ECT

    (mention your time zone if you aren't posting Pacific time) ECT