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Last Active
  • Kanna Mains Chat

    yes, this revamp took me down 20 stages in dreamdefender
    we got nerfed big time again
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Alas, seems like the revamp turned into a further nerf, or so it seems as least considering another 25% range loss

    Should we look for another class to Play or just wait another year for a real revamp?
  • Mana Hyper Stat for Kanna

    still no fix for the haku nerf

    lets hope they throw in a second emergency maintenance today and get some work done
  • Nexon launcher news turns to black screen randomly

    I know lots of People are having the same Problem over the last couple of weeks

    the only way to read any notice is check it out on the official Website, since whatever is posted in the launcher disappears after a couple of seconds

    not sure if this Problem is only for european Players or also for the american ones
  • enhancement node removal for kanna

    while reading the patch notes i noticed certain enhancement nodes for kanna will be removed

    there was no mention however how this will affect equipped nodes and how loss of nodes will be compensated

    in my particular case 3 out of 4 of my equipped lvl 25 enhancement nodes have a line with Nimbus curse, ether pulse or both

    I would really like to know if those lines get replaced with random lines or if we can choose new lines to replace thje old ones, or find out whatever solution nexon got for all our poor kanna chars

    does nexon have a Elaborate plan including massive amounts of nodestones/nodeshards/experience nodestones so we can replace affected lvl 25 nodes with new lvl 25 ones, or did they just miss the boat and forgot about this issue?

    I guess most kanna Players would like an answer about this issue before the patch starts, so they can still extract their lvl 25 nodes into shards in the worst case Scenario

    hoping for a Swift reply