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  • How to improve the game (GMS)

    This is definitely a massive change I hope you know that
    Gollux + Sweetwater Accessory Removal cuts off the most viable item build
    Frenzy/Wild/Fury Totem Removal will cause many people to permanently quit the game, both because of massive financial loss and the fact that they spent $1000s on the possibility that no longer exists
    Level up rates in higher levels pretty much require Fz + fs, removal will make training 5~6X slower

    The problem is that these systems have already been implemented
    Removal is a immediate complete sledgehammer nerf to everyone playing and especially to all who have invested money into this game
    There is no immediate positive change that happens from this
    Your Job Removal -> Class Transfer Idea is not ok
    The only reason why TMS did this for Zen is because nobody was playing the class, but in GMS everyone is playing these classes
    People specifically chose certain classes to play and not a different class for reasons only known to them
    You'll anger too many people

    Server Merge into 1 server is not possible unless GMS invests in a better server
    -It's also not too good because some players want low-pop, others want high-pop
    -The issue is that the server is too bad to support extreme high-pop so people just leave high-pop servers

    Maybe your goal was to make GMS as good as KMS, but such a sudden removal is not the way
    You have to think about all the possible outcomes before commitment
    Things like this must be done in small steps meticulously or your intention just becomes ruin
  • Burned out cause of the many flaws/glitches etc

    Yep, even I quit 4x
    Started new acc
    Got Legendary Full Scroll Gollux Equips Gave it away
    Got to 2B, gave it away
    Got 2B back...gave it away again
    (Dunno why, it was just so boring to continue)
    And I'm back again feeling the limit again..

    Progress is extremely slow in an MMORPG I get it

    But there's no fun within this pacing. It dulls you out
    And even high level players quit after feeling the breaking point of the monotonous grind
    People hate the Daily's Mechanic which is like a job, but the only reasonable way to progress
    I see people spamming "Taking a break, Maple got too boring" as a common occurrence in my Guild's Discord so it isn't just you

    Perhaps the pacing of Reboot would be more fun, but I can't get around investing so much time for mere glory (in which you will never reach Rank 1 because it's been too long) and equipment invested over countless hours to be worth nothing
  • Remove coin cap from wondroids

    I'm softlocked at B1 and quit 2x already
    It's more annoying than being an exciting event
  • When the Beast Tamer and ZERO can be created?

    Basically you can make these characters..but only in certain times.
    Every winter and summer there's a massive content update and in that update there are huge events
    These events are up for 2 months, usually open burning world, and open Zero/Beast Tamer.

    You just missed the AWAKE event which was in December-Janurary
    The next huge event is NEO which is around the end of May
  • An open letter on the state of the game

    So I guess now:

    -Mileage System (Ability to get anything in the cash shop with gameplay, few exceptions)
    -Tradable Cubes
    -Halved Starforce Costs
    -A support that aren't bots who give stock answers

    Are approved, but

    -4/6 Month Delay
    -Hack/Botter Protection
    -Better Servers
    Have some issues

    From knowing all this, I guess ridding the 4/6 month content delay isn't a good idea, because yeah I'd not coin cap swamped in college work. Even veterans will struggle a bit.

    The lie detector could still work if you changed the variant to english. Don't really believe that isn't possible. Otherwise you have kanna farmers running rampant in every popular mobbing map. Like you said, GMS cheaters have the ability to create an infinite amount of accounts. Will be a ways off until we find a solution, but things like the 0 death exp loss patch will directly affect these cheaters so just have to find a bit more.

    Now it can be confirmed that the server code is really the issue. Then this is even better! The cost of getting a programmer to fix the netcode is much better than getting a better server. This really is in the realm of possibility.

    Everything else besides the content delay and servers were simply auxiliary boosts for the experience.
    It seems as though the Content Delay is set in stone...but it was really the main thing to be improved upon
    Any ideas?