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  • An open letter on the state of the game

    At this point let's just make it a thread of things wrong with the game

    Continuation Letter:

    Take a Look at Maplestory Regional Earnings reports
    P2W is fine to an extent because it adds value into the game currency, but when you abuse it like China's CMS you lose the hearts of people.
    China Revenue 43->20%
    Then Korea Dominates: 40-> 64%
    On the other hand, Korea is dominant. Why? The f2p systems in place

    -Mileage System (Ability to get anything in the cash shop with gameplay, few exceptions)
    -Tradable Cubes
    -Halved Starforce Costs
    -Releases don't take half a year MINIMUM to come to other regions
    -Hack/Botter Protection
    -A support that aren't bots who give stock answers
    o (GMS Support is so bad even if a false ban is overturned they don't give any compensation ... not even exp bebe boxes which I would think was the minimum)
    -No P2W Items (Frenzy, Breath of Divinity)

    All this has made a flourishing playerbase in KMS.
    No Systems in place have been adopted from the KMS branch even though the numbers don't lie
    The developers (if there are any) for GMS don't seem to give a sht about the wellbeing of the game
    My patience as well is reaching a peak.

    The only thing the main branch at KMS had to do was hire a localization team for the translations
    Leave the systems in KMS to GMS it's fine
    But they didn't and there are so many unnecessary systems to hinder players

    The guy above fell prey to the 2x KMS Starforce Costs idea
    And these terrible ideas have to come to an end
    I'm talking to you...developer who designed the magic wagon

    Not much time left to fix the game
    Shame these unnecessary restrictions ruined GMS

  • Be straight with us...

    I'd also like to know if there will be any effort in making GMS better by replacing outdated systems that only serve to hinder the player and coerce money to fix the issues they pose.
    A lot of players moved out of GMS because the systems and content were so outdated it felt bad to play compared to the better systems of KMS
    To name a few:
    -Less P2W Items (No fz, Ring of Divinity)
    -6 Month KMS Content Gap
    -Better Servers(And by better I mean galaxies apart)
    -You can actually have an event like DMT in Reboot without crashing
    -The optimization on the client is so good you dont need to click on your items multiple times to finally select it to drag.
    - Instant CC
    - Tradable Cubes (So you don't have to rely on cube svc)

    Could go on, but there are so many popular systems and directions players wanted GMS to go to
    And GMS refuses to adopt the systems that the players actually want
    I hope there is change in the way GMS is developed or it won't be long until dissatisfaction reaches the peak
    Because by the way Magic Wagon was designed recently... GMS won't be here for too long
  • [World Merge] All Regular Servers Combine

    AKradian wrote: »
    The people who complain about their world being "empty" or "a ghost town" are those who missed the World Leap, and came back much later to find their world emptier than they'd like.

    So maybe as a compromise set up an optional world leap but only a one way transfer to a single world?

    People playing on quieter servers still chill
    People who came back recently can play in a lively server
    Satisfies both sides