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  • Why does Nexon not make their own Pre BB Server?

    donkeyXP wrote: »
    As the titlte says why does Nexon not make their own official Pre Big Bang Server? Then there would be no priv@te servers anymore since all the people there would switch to the real maplestory. If you make your own pre big bang server the private server issues would be fixed by itself. Since you're giving people what they actually always wanted and then you would have more players and make more money I guess. You can make the Pre Big Bang Server aside from the current Maplestory so there will be no issues. Both are seperate. I dont like playing on priv@te servers cause it gets boring playing the same game from 15 years ago and there cant be any updates. It would be cool if Nexon had their own Pre BB Server but with new updates and keep the good balancing from the old maplestory.

    Not many days ago we found out Nexon has only 180 employees, and not even an specific team to create the contents like story, etc. I don't think they would focus on a whole new server pre-bb with different balances and contents.
    I understand what you want, but it is like asking for a whole new game using as base the old MS.
    I don't think this is going to happen.

    I know the nostalgia behind this, I started GMS right after it was open. I miss many good things we had. But I also understand that life goes on, and if the game get stuck in the past it will eventually get boring and lose the point (which is the main problem inside these ilegal servers - besides being ilegal of course).

    Oh, and even talking about Pre-BB, classic MS, old school MS or even using this words is against the ToS. They will probably close this thread.