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    vKiritoKun wrote: »
    just pay with mesos

    There is coupons being sold for mesos in CS ?
    Hello Everyone! I don't know if this would be the ideal channel to expose my thoughts and appeal to you. Well, as you may know, the Maplestory player base is over 20 years old. Taking this into account, the change in our lives, the love we have for the game and the gameplay itself, I would like to suggest the addition of the 2x drop coupon and EXP coupon for 2 (two) hours. The current ones we have, the 4 (four) hours is a lot for us, which causes us to waste money, considering that we can hardly take advantage of the full four hours.

    If you don't mind, I would like to suggest something about this. They could add a coupon, lets say 2 hours like you said, but you can turn on/off. It will be like the familiars, we can turn on/off and they also have a few hours of life spam per day. But in this case we can use the coupon lets say for 1 hour, then stop to go to work or something else, and use the rest of it later. The coupon also would have an expiration time of lets say 3 days.
    I agree that 4 hours is too much, but 2 hours in a row imo is exhausting.
  • Kaiser white armour colour

    They should just add an option to this coupon that a window pop up and we can see the final form (not animated) and a color wheel so we can change to the color we want.
    This could also be implemented to the game as a whole, changing equipment colors as long as you buy the cs color coupon.
  • Atk Speed Change

    OmgItsAiex wrote: »
    I would absolutely welcome this idea. The conversion becomes tricky with my 22* Primed Terminus defender. How would nexon be able to convert my shield to an appropriate secondary medal? Terminus Defender is quite rare, now droppable, but previously only available via Marvel Machine. My shield has 22 stars and is primed, the secondary cannot be primed or 22 starred. Thoughts on that? Why not just give the dmg bonus to 1-h sword, so warriors can be flexible in what sword/combo they want to use. level the playing field for both

    I agree with you. What is the point of having two sword options (including shield vs secondary equip) if the the benefit goes to only one option? This will cause an unbalance of these warriors options.
    I am not a warrior expert, but the whole idea was "increased speed + shield to scroll/star" vs "bigger and stronger sword with no shield to scroll/star" right?
    If so, then leaving it as it is makes more sense, UNLESS of course if the scroll/stars on shields are already causing unbalanced situation making no one to want to use 2h swords.
    We need to check if the speed change will make this situation more balalanced or worse. Do we have any feedback on players of KMS Test Servers on this change?
  • The final clue. Refined Lianium. Excavation Jungle

    You probably have to finish specifi quests. Did you open the quest that requires you to farm those Refined pieces?

    OT: are you brazilian too? I just noticed your forum nickname.
  • Kanna

    Kanna has the best mobbing imo (and many people say she has the best bossing too, but this I don't know).
    Im ok with her mobbing skills, she is really amazing clearing maps.
    The only problem is kishin, which imo should be removed and a "kishin" effect added to every map in the game so everyone has the same possibilities. I feel so dismotivated when training in my main knowing my kanna level up faster just because of kishin..
    Anyway, this is my oppinion: Remove Kishin Shoukan, Add "Kishin" effect to every map to everyone be equal on mobs spawn, remove wild/frenzy totens (because they shouldn't stack with a kishin effect anyway).