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  • Remove the Sol Erda Cap

    It's unbelievable that we are likely the only region getting this change unless MSEA also gets it. And for what reason? We should be able to farm as little or as much as we want when we want to. We were hyped up since we saw the KMS showcase, we were hyped up again with the GMS content showcases at MapleFest, and now we have to get insider info from test servers via Bean Brigaders just to find out that there are plans to gate-keep us. Is the point of 6th job not to excite us? This plan to limit our daily sol farming does nothing but disappoint many. And Maplestory has always been a grindy game so it makes no sense to limit us to 30 minutes of farming for the main end-game content that will take a ridiculous amount of hours to max, especially after even more cores are released.

    I also think it's fair to say, though some may disagree with me on this point, that Grandis as a whole has been a very slow-paced progression scheme ever since it came out, and 6th job was supposed to change that. But now we are just stuck yet again, waiting even longer for more content to come our way.
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  • DMT Issues 7/18

    I think the most surprising thing is that for the first 4 years of Reboot, there were only problems with purchasing the cubes and the "one more time" function for cubing. There were no problems with using multiple cubes in past events (only problems with purchasing them), you just had to manually cube one by one.

    And now flash forward to 2020 and we can't purchase cubes during the event nor can we use the cubes we pre-purchased. It kind of begs the question on what's changed since then. But whatever the reason may be, I'm sure turning off the blue messages or allowing all-day DMT in Reboot server would alleviate the issue.

    A lot of players have been cc'ing or relogging to use a single cube. You are not able to cube again until your cube counter goes down and until the server processes the next cube.

    I'm no expert or even an amateur at coding, but it begs the premise that the issue is tied with the cash shop server in some way, like perhaps the server has to verify the cube on each instance. Instead of working on code optimizations on whatever was done, perhaps resolving the issue is as simple as selling red and black cubes in NPC shops just as master craftsman cubes are sold. Instead of coding fixes for existing systems that are clearly failing, I feel like that method should be much easier to account for.

    Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I can't help but believe any future "optimizations" are going to go nowhere.
  • Proprietary Rights...?

    This really is just terrible...

    Personally, I've fallen in love with this game several times, and Nexon has even made some steps in the right direction in recent years (they used to not answer tickets period... I've sent 10 tickets in the past and only 2 were answered, although in recent years they've answered just about all of them), but things like this show how they're moving back in the wrong direction.

    There have been a lot of flare-ups lately about false bans on Reddit and here on the forums, and none of them, especially this one, seemed suspicious. There is clearly something wrong when hackers are getting to lvl 250 often times scraping by with no ban or just a temporary ban (I know of a guy who's off the rankings and gets a ban every week it seems but still hasn't been perma'd yet because he spends a lot of NX) yet we still have flare-ups of mentions of false bans. If those hackers are getting away with it but we have a lot of players complaining about false bans, then what gives? This in itself is pretty much proof that there is truth to these FALSE ban claims by the innocent players.

    I think one of the most questionable things is what sort of "evidence" do they have of such bans? I always had a suspicion that perhaps they look into how much NX you've spent on the game as their evidence (which would be incredibly sad but seemed to be a possibility for many of the posts), but the fact that your friend was MVP Diamond kinda debunks this hypothesis (although there are some clear Reboot hackers who spend a lot of NX and aren't banned yet... go figure). But are they looking through the logs and see the game message that banned him and use that as "proof"... or do they not even check at all?

    I think it's time we demand answers from Nexon. A few years ago we were all afraid of hackers. Heck, even a GM got hacked by one of them! But now we have to be afraid not of hackers but rather the company who runs the game. Nobody is truly safe even if you do nothing wrong, so it seems. Nor how much you spend or don't spend on this game.

    @Arwoo: I hope you read this thread and answer our concerns! Right now there is a large amount of fear in playing the game for the threat of being banned falsely and not being able to properly appeal. We all remember the Wondroid event ban. There's no telling how many other spaghetti code problems exist that only a handful of players would encounter and get perma'd without a chance to repeal. I would know a significant portion of the community in Reboot is afraid because I've asked around many of my friends and guildies and Reboot among others, and they share the same sentiment. I would definitely assume non-Reboot servers also have this as a concern as well.

    @MINSMS: I'm really sorry for your friend and I hope they do something about the ban and give compensation... Maybe if they fix the ban and fix the way they handle customer support regarding this yal could come back :/ but I would understand if you still wouldn't want to. I feel for your friend's loss, though... I would definitely feel suicidal after all that money and grind..... :(
  • Wonderoid Jump Quest Difficulty

    For those stuck on the first set of quests, just give it time. I took roughly 5-6 hours before I got past B4-> completion, but I tried doing it again on another account and managed to finish in in 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes. I'm not here to brag but rather to suggest that if you continually practice this JQ, it will get much easier. There are several helpful videos on YouTube and Reddit posts as well, so please take a look at them if you haven't already. I also want to add that this event lasts for 28 days and several players have finished Rhea already (the 2nd set of escaping the facility). Not everyone should have to finish the event in 1 day just for logging in for it to be classified as not hard.

    With that said, I do think they could increase the time of safety between some of the moving lasers... you have to get the timing just right.

    Some tips for getting through the stages:
    -B4: Move past the laser while IT IS STILL IN SIGHT but ABOUT TO DISAPPEAR. So basically you move through the laser the second it disappears, but you gotta start your character moving towards it as it is still visible. If you keep this in mind while doing it, you should get it down pat.
    -B4: At the conveyer belt part, don't be afraid to backtrack!!! The spikey wall that comes shortly after doesn't start moving until you jump off of the belt. The tip here is to move your android to the very end of the belt, move yourself far away from the edge, then turn your character so it's facing towards the spikey wall direction. At this point, press d to make your android jump, and backtrack yourself back down the conveyer belt so you don't fall off. At this point your android is at the bottom and you're still at the top. Now you can carefully fall off the belt (keep pressing your -> arrow continuously so you don't go flying off), and then you just whack the vent at the bottom until it breaks and press up to enter
    -For those who have made it past B4, B3 and B2 are much easier (if you're struggling, just look for a video and you'll be through in no time!)
    -B1: The moving lasers move fastest when they're closer to the center of their oscillation, so this is often the "safest" time to pass through. Some of my friends are telling me they prefer to wait until the laser disappears towards the left side, though
    -B1: The steam patterns actually are not very tricky as they might first seem. The hardest part of them is around the ladder (slightly before and slightly after). My advice is to get used to carefully pressing <-- so that you "don't move" on the conveyer belt. Practicing this mechanic helps you just wait out the steams and learn the patterns without watching your character. Also big tip: look for the actual devices that shoot out the steam. This helps you know where they are so you aren't guessing whether you passed over one or not. Also: towards the end of the steam stuff you just want to let your character move down the belt naturally. Do NOT press --> towards the end of the belt to get past the steams or else you'll shoot too far into another one.
    -F1: At the very last gate (I believe it's the 3rd gate) move VERY slowly so that you can see the soldiers approaching, then move over and kill them BEFORE going over to the gate. This way you can easily clear out the mobs and the gate without having to rush through the gate and die to the mob stacking hits on you (for those not familiar, F1 is just a mob clear map with no other ways to die, so if you're struggling on B1, know that once you hit F1 the hard stuff is over)

    I think a more pressing issue is that the PQ thing you do after completing these is not instanced, so you might be a lvl 200 and some lvl 250 pops into the map and all of a sudden the mobs are lvl 250 and you can't kill them. This is a significant portion of the event coins that we can get. Hopefully Nexon fixes this over the maintenance but it's not currently listed to be fixed as of the time of this post.

    So I think this patch has come to show just how terribly prepared Nexon America's GMS staff are when it comes to updates. It's now 26 hours into the maintenance and it still has an ETA for finishing. AN ETA. What have you guys been doing for the past 6 months? Sure, it is fine if a few bugs slip through here and there because coding naturally tends to do that especially with a game as large as Maplestory, but I still think it is self-evident for what happened for this patch is unacceptable. It's hard to have sympathy for something that could've been worked on harder for 6 months in preparation for this patch instead of fixing it the LAST DAY POSSIBLE. How can you miss that people have ~13k % crit damage in the stats bar. Like how does one miss that in testing? Did anyone attack mobs at all...?

    I might have sounded a bit like some salty ranter so far but let me clarify; I've been playing this game on and off for around the past 10 years so I kinda know what's up. I've never said anything before this patch because I never expected anything better from Nexon. But over time the quality of Nexon has improved from a 2.5/10 to a 6/10 (in my opinion) in recent years. Tickets are actually responded to, Nexon is actively working towards "A Better Maple" including Legacy Bugs being fixed, etc. The reason I am saying something now, however, is because the quality of the company is starting to drop again with the past year due to these superficial apologies and compensations to hide the fact that Nexon is not on the path to improving further at a critical time. Let me quote on Nexon's response to the issues of the Heroes of Maple patch v.174,
    "We’d like to start off with an apology. There was an unexpected number of bugs, issues with sales, and other game-related issues that have come to light with this Heroes of Maple: Reborn update. The release of this update has not been up to the quality standards that we aim to deliver to all of you, and we are not taking this lightly. Our goal is, and has always been, to provide you with an enjoyable experience with the release of every update, and not be burdened with technical issues. We were able to address some of the issues immediately with the maintenance and minor patch last week, and have plans to address more in the upcoming weekly maintenance. More details will be available later this week," from the Maple Team (posted by Aletai) on June 28th, 2016. This apology suggests Nexon's approach to fix bugs as soon as they are noticed, which honestly I think is fine, but when you look at this in addition to the facts that these maintenances take so long, when there was 6 months to play-test it, along with the live-stream showing GM's not knowing how to use the 5th job luminous skill/equilibrium + using a mana pot trying to charge the kinesis bar (trust me, we Maplers have never tried that before) kinda leads us to believe that the GM's working on the maintenances are simply coders along with a bunch of play-testers that don't know how to physically PLAY the game. I would love to believe otherwise, but the truth can't hide over the years.

    This is the Vth job update!!! People from new and old alike are coming to join the game, and how much will they be deterred when they see this and even see players on the forums supporting it? It will instantly turn them away! First impressions or first time "new" impressions (for returning vets) matter a lot. Who cares how grand the update is; we will lose player-base which makes the game less enjoyable for all and even less profits for the company who seems to not want to fix the issue.

    So my question to you, Nexon, is do you really want to keep on this roller-coaster ride of maintenances and lose customer faith and support or do you want to fix these undeniable flaws in the company that have permeated throughout almost a decade? Do you want to just say sorry and hand us compensation to keep us quiet? Release a test server to a large sample of players and actively ask for their support. This patch was solely for the UI and events, anyway, so there is no reason why that couldn't have been play-tested even if it is desired to keep the 5th job and continent secret. If a test server is not released, at the very least the content could be tested more before (particularly by experienced players, as the livestream GM's were a HUGE embarrassment) it is released to the public.