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oh no im such a meanie weenie


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lol i still have the mild warning from april. someone has their pantsu in a twist lmao
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  • World transfer made me vomit

    Jumballi wrote: »
    Strictly speaking, I was not prepared to transfer worlds, but when my guild decided to go, I had to follow.

    Now I don't play MapleStory for the bosses or the grind, I play it to dress up.

    Uh, that seems like an exorbitant waste of money, dude. If you just want to play a game where you can dress your character up, maybe buy a game specifically about fashion stuff rather than spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetics in an mmo. The Style Savvy franchise would be your best friend, bruh.
  • MapleStory Community Survey Results and Plans

    I bet it will surprise a lot of you but I do have something to say about Aggraphine.

    He or she did help to derail a few Old Maple threads back in the day and I don't know the details of the how/ why of this persons ban but I can comment about what I hope would happen.

    One day I would like to see a chance for a ban appeal. Maybe some statements about future intentions and perhaps some questions from the moderators. (done in private, if need be)
    The reason I would like to see this is because one day I would like to hand this person a proper defeat in a debate about Old Maplestory. (if they still wanted to debate it or had not already agreed about it)
    Old Maplestory faces its own challenge with a ban of sorts, which is why I am in favor of rule enforcement that can show leniency in the right circumstances. (you may have already noticed this if you have seen some of my threads)

    Every case is separate and unique of course but I think there is always a little room for a gray area.
    Honestly, one day in the future I'd be glad if the bans on both Aggraphine and Old Maple were lifted. (subject to moderator and CM discretion)

    If anybody messes up after having an appeal granted then I believe they would just be out of luck.
    A lot my post is probably wishful thinking.

    ah yes, aggrastory, my favorite game
    such a shame there is ban
  • #FreeAggraphine

    this is why nexon needs to hire me
    because i don't get my pantsu in a twist over jokes and know that reddit =/= maple forums

    edit: and now i await my inevitable ban because i dare speak out against our nexon gods
  • Maplestory V Update Stream: Question Thread

    Who's actually going to be doing the stream?
    Since Michael got canned, I don't know if there's anyone who works there that actually plays the game.
  • Solid Proof Forumers Don't Play MapleStory Anymore

    Not many people online in the Discord right now, but that's probably because it's about 11pm EST at the moment. Usually during the day pretty much everyone who's online is in the game.

    So here's a little screenshot from Discord that shows a couple of our lovely active forum people actually playing the game. <3