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oh no im such a meanie weenie


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lol i still have the mild warning from april. someone has their pantsu in a twist lmao
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  • #FreeAggraphine

    AKradian wrote: »
    This seems like a very ... interesting ... way to go about "building a community".
    I wonder whether @OneLetter , and Nexon in general, approves of Arwoo's methods.

    "I can understand that you're not quite satisfied with the decision our community manager has set in place for these types of discussion. Please understand that our Community Manager is the representative for Nexon's decisions regarding this matter, and we will not be able to revert this for your current case."

    ^That's the main part of the response Aggraphine got on the ticket he submitted about the ban. It doesn't really set a very good precedent...
  • Unscheduled Minor Patch - October 20, 2016

    @Niightseeker Clean words being censored depending where they are in a sentence is different. That part I agree needs to be changed if they are separated by a space and there is no intention of swearing. However, I was talking about if profanity e.g from another language etc is found within a combination of words and people don't know what it means, it takes common sense to say 'maybe I shouldn't bother with that word'. If one is curious and does search the meaning, it's best to just forget about it as it most likely isn't very positive in the first place.
    But even if it's in another language, why censor it when it's made up of multiple parts of a sentence? Of course it's going to make people search for the definition; whether they start using it in conversation is entirely up to their discretion. Why would someone sit around and go "gee, I have no idea what this thing that got censored means, better not find out so I know why it was censored"?

    My mother taught me how to swear in Spanish (and a little bit in French) when I was in kindergarten. That doesn't mean I went around using the words and phrases myself. The point is, regardless of whether something is a curse or not in any language, if it's in the middle of one word or happens to be formed by someone's sentence structure (i.e. "thought it," "can all," etcetera), it shouldn't be censored as it makes communicating even without curse words be extremely difficult, and in some cases, nearly impossible. Guildmates of mine often have to say their sentences one word at a time to avoid them being huge masses of asterisks.

    So, to reiterate what everyone causing backlash against the reinstatement of the chat filter has been trying to put across: it is not about being able to swear. Sure people were going nuts with it, but it's no different than someone going out to a bar and getting utterly hammered when they turn 21; it's because it's something new they can do, so they're going wild with it. Just like the nasty hangover telling a person "maybe I shouldn't do this that often," the excitement would wear off after approximately a week at most, and everyone would've went back to talking like normal.
    All everyone wants is to have a conversation with their friends or their guildmates, or even strangers, without having to fear the other party will not understand what they were trying to say as masses of it had been censored. We just want to be able to communicate.
  • Unscheduled Minor Patch - October 20, 2016

    you cannot rationally argue that censoring these words does any harm to anyone. In fact, it does good by making sure the chat stays clean for everyone.
    Well, I think we c** **l agree that under some cir***stances censorship can do more harm than good. The *** ** mightier than the sword, so surely expressing ourselves through text without hindrance is a good thing?
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  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread


    My first ever level 200. now i need to sleep lol