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  • Remove the Sol Erda Cap

    Nexon try to release a big anticipated update without hurting players and dropping surprise nerfs [challenge impossible]
  • AFK Mobs Poll

    the sad thing is that, at least in gms reg servers, the one time these afk mobs could actually be useful, they are useless because of the use of certain "high chairs" being able to avoid them.. So you get people sitting in high chairs in limina while being afk and avoiding the afk mob....then eventually coming back and starting all sorts of drama with people who "take" their maps that they weren't even using...

    ffs. if your going to keep these anti afk mobs in the game at least fix the high chair exploit...
  • A case for Jett, Please reconsider it's removal!

    In the last year GMS will have lost Jett class, Alien Visitor, Monad, Wild Totems, spawn-Kishin, old Dalair medals, 2x cash drop coupons, etc. Seems like we are definitely in some sort of consolidation period. What's next to be removed? "Bigger" content like Masteria? Commerci? Perhaps "smaller" removals like Maple Tour?

    Witnessing all of this in the last year or so has really lowered my expectations of this company. My confidence in this game has also gone down.

    Patch notes and upcoming events should be exciting and optimistic. Instead, these days i find myself dreading the next significant nerf thrown onto a list of "bug fixes" [commerci flame transposing] or content removal...

    RIP Jett.
  • Unable to Unlock Third Familiar Slot

    Am i missing something? both images indicate that you have 9 badges, not 10. The first picture shows 8 equipped and 1 on the bottom. The second picture shows in the corner "9/43" badges
  • Adjust The Gameplay for f2p&f

    idk if just me, but most of this thread is incomprehensible. Its probably a troll post.

    But i guess i would just chime in regarding point #3,

    i think they try to make "grinding" mobs more rewarding with things like elite monsters, portals, and elite bosses. And they seem to want to encourage less "grinding" in general with things such as hyper burning, symbol daily exp, boss mule crystals monster park expansions for higher levels, etc. So i think many people now are finding that they don't even want to grind much on mobs anyways, and those that do are probably sweaty enough to not mind their rates