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  • Explain yourselves right now: Boss cubes

    Really disappointed with the decision to remove cubes from daily bosses. i was optimistic that the drop rates from elite monsters would be better than KMS, but after spending a few hours grinding yesterday, i can confirm they are absolute garbage. This really hurts reg players like myself who refuse to purchase cubes from the cash shop.

    i don't understand why they want to punish reg players like this. The argument that "its to be more in line with kms" makes no sense to me. if they want to be more in line with KMS, why would we have Gollux, Kanna, Frenzy totems, familiars, etc. ?

    As for the developer comments in the patch notes: "We'll be sure to provide you with a more appropriate experience when revamping the boss reward." At this point i am very curious what this could mean. but probably just empty promises.

    This patch was really looking to be a great one, but the cube nerf ruined it for me

    Edit:Upon further reflection, it seems that this is just their way of extracting even more money out of players in reg servers, by basically forcing players to purchase cash cubes, especially right before the no-cube-sale-dmt. Can't say i'm surprised, just extremely disappointed.
  • Is there any correlation of familiar type/skill?

    To directly answer your first question, you wouldn't rank up your familiars with good stats. Familiars are easy enough to get that you don't have to ditch the good reveals. you would just start over with something else and see what you get

    Alot of players go for the juicy 30% + boss damage familiars which they can only get at certain ranks, so they must rank up

    for players like me, i settle for stuff like 7% crit rate and 15% ied. thats good enough for me and if i ever feel like ranking up to epic and unique i would use other familiars and leave my good ones untouched.

    So basically, you can absolutely settle for your already revealed cards and you can keep those in your collection and call it a day on those. At the same time, you can collect new familiars and rank those up if there are specific lines you are aiming for and just remember, different ranks have a different pool of available values and lines
  • Is there any correlation of familiar type/skill?

    yes, i believe that is the case. i think the stats are just available based on RANK and have nothing to do with the mob in particular. [most people probably accumulate their familiars after grinding on snails xD so that's prob why u don't see them around much]

    to clarify, you still would want to rank up if you want certain lines [i don't think you can get boss damage from common / rares] and you still would need to rank up if you want a higher value from lines that you could get at lower ranks [meaning, if you want more than 15% ied lines, you need to reveal higher ranking familiars] i settled for 15% ied because i'm too lazy to deal with more RNG from ranking up xD - different ranks have a different pool of available values and lines

    my ied and crit rate came from rares/commons [don't remember exactly which rank it was] but i have never revealed an epic familiar so far. the mobs that i got them from were from magatia, ludi and kritias
  • Is there any correlation of familiar type/skill?

    yea no problem. i had no clue what was going on either when i started playing again this year. in fact, when i had last played, there were no such thing as familiars in the first place! so i wasn't familiar with either version of the system.

    As far as i am aware, when you rank up, your potential gets reset. so best to not get attached to the potential when u start ranking up. i think most people get a ton of the same familiar, then start ranking up, and then hope that their unique or legendary familiar yields something good. i also think its more of a mid game / end game thing to maximize you familiar stats

    Personally, i don't even bother ranking up, because i've gotten "good enough" lines from the common / rares - such as 7% crit rate, item drop rate, 15% ied. so, i unlocked the second slot by completing 1 badge, and can now summon two 15% ied familiars, which at my level is just fine.

  • Improvement idea for monster collection

    interesting suggestions, i wish they would improve the collection rate haha

    one thing that i always thought about monster collection, is that is should show the monsters updated drop table if its in your collection. so players can see if any particular monster has any interesting drops