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  • What Lv do your character got to be to make 100m?

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Note: The old names are in parenthesis as some players will still call these cubes by this name.
    The free cubes Solid (Master) and Hard (Meister) and the cash shop cubes Glowing (Red) Bright (Black).
    Solid cubes can rank up to Unique tier very rarely, Hard cubes have a better rank up rate than Solid and can go up to Legendary.

    Just want to correct this. Solid cubes can tier up to legendary. they were previously called meister cubes. Hard cubes can tier up to Unique and were previously called Master Craftsman Cubes
  • A case for Jett, Please reconsider it's removal!

    In the last year GMS will have lost Jett class, Alien Visitor, Monad, Wild Totems, spawn-Kishin, old Dalair medals, 2x cash drop coupons, etc. Seems like we are definitely in some sort of consolidation period. What's next to be removed? "Bigger" content like Masteria? Commerci? Perhaps "smaller" removals like Maple Tour?

    Witnessing all of this in the last year or so has really lowered my expectations of this company. My confidence in this game has also gone down.

    Patch notes and upcoming events should be exciting and optimistic. Instead, these days i find myself dreading the next significant nerf thrown onto a list of "bug fixes" [commerci flame transposing] or content removal...

    RIP Jett.
  • how to get my trio

    Do you already have one of the trios? If you do, you could consider crafting your own boost nodes to find the remaining one's you need. You would just be selecting the first skill you need on the node. This will give you only "good candidates" for the next trio you need - However, it will still be RNG as to what the remaining 2 skills on the boost node will be. Maybe only consider this if you have a lot of extra shards.

    If you don't have any perfect trio's yet, it really shouldn't take too many nodes to get at least one though. You don't need to limit yourself to one super specific node, it just needs to contain 3 of the skills you want in any order, and then you can go from there
  • Is there any correlation of familiar type/skill?

    there is no correlation anymore between the monster and the effect of the familiar. its random. its more about the "rank" of the familiar now, which you can tell based on the color of the outline of the card [greyish = common, blue = rare, etc. going up to unique and legendary] for the better stats u need to rank up ur familiars to the higher ranks