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  • Is the Frenzy totem ever going to be adressed?

    Prophetie wrote: »
    You're suggesting they bring back the most pay-to-win item? An item that only benefits people sinking thousands of dollars into the game.
    The same item that lead to thousands of bans for duping, account-selling and money transfers.
    How would making the game more p2w make it any better?
    You even mentioned yourself that it provides an unfair advantage and acknowledged that it would hurt the servers.
    We don't solve a problem by introducing more of it.
    Before Fury Totems, a handful of players had access to Frenzy and the others had nothing. Now everybody has at least 34 hours of FREE totems a month.
    That's 34 hours more than the 0 intended by the game designers. That may not be the solution but it certainly is one.
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    4. Increase global base spawn count/spawn rate and remove kishin, fury and frenzy totems from the game
    That would be harder on the servers than giving every single player a Frenzy Totem. 100 channels; each containing hundreds of empty maps with increased spawns 24/7 for no reason

    It seems what you actually want is a change to Kishin-like effects rather than the re-introduction of a game-breaking item.

    It's already in the game so the p2w is there. I'm simply asking them to even the playing field by making it available again. That is the simple solution. Of course the most ideal solution is for them to remove spawn increasing effects off frenzy and kishin and change them to something else while buffing the overall spawn rate globally so we don't have to rely on these items/skill. This has been suggested many times before going back about 5-6 years ago and they still have done absolutely nothing so I'm talking in a language they understand. Money.

    I said "if" it's affecting the servers. Nexon never tells us anything really so we'll never know. Like Aggraphine said the servers used to be fine even when the kishin glitch was a thing. If the servers are lagging for any reason it's most likely because of all the hackers/botters.

    I also think you're underestimating just how many people own a totem. Some have quit but it's certainly more than a "handful". Especially when you account for all the totems that got duped and remained in game some of which still have not been removed to this day.

  • Potential Badges

    They should just bring the other badges back. I don't know why they haven't yet. Absolutely disgusting. I feel sorry for all the people without one honestly.
  • Pin for Storage?

    You shouldn't have to enter the pic after you've entered it the first time after logging in.
  • Is the Frenzy totem ever going to be adressed?


    At some point last year (I think?) the frenzy totem was made unavailable from Marvel and Philo books. This is hands down the most p2w item to ever exist in Maplestory. Now it's purely exclusive to those who were lucky enough to get it or obtained it through illicit means. I find it ridiculous that Nexon has decided to leave things like this. Something like this shouldn't exist in the game to begin with, but if it is going to exist it should stay available for people to get still.

    No, fury totem is not the solution and kishin does not even come close to comparing to what Frenzy is capable of. You have people consistently making 100-200+ mill per hour by selling service because nobody wants to deal with 2pc meta. Frenzy also allows you to increase spawn rate on maps that only allow 1 player. The list of advantages goes on.

    This should be re-added to Marvel and books at the very least. It's such an unfair advantage and I cannot comprehend how you thought it was a good idea to begin with.

    1. Change fury totem to be a subscription based item in the cash shop and make it just as good as frenzy.
    2. Add frenzy totem back to marvel and books.
    3. Change what kishin and frenzy do and remove fury totems.

    If all the additional spawn rate for monsters is affecting the servers then you need to do something about kishin and frenzy. If that means replacing the effect with something else then that's what needs to be done but it shouldn't be left like this.

  • Add a subscription based frenzy totem.

    Why in the world would you want it to be random? A totem in the cs for a set price available for NX and Maple points for 30 days would be fine.