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  • Lotus Lasers

    I don't know if it's just me, but when I enter Lotus, there have been multiple times where I have spawned on top of the spinning laser upon entering the boss fight and it leaves basically no time to react to this, leading to a death. This takes away one entire life from the run at the very beginning of the game not due to your own mistakes but because of poor design. They should seriously add a delay of a couple seconds when a player enters the room just so that the player has time to be able to position or react to the lasers instead of dying immediately upon entering the fight.

    Jw, do you hear the lasers before the visual screen loads? Because I think that means you lag in (server loads your character into the map at the center and spawns laser in "X" shape, but things are slow on the receiving end so your computer doesn't show you until a seconds later, at which point the lasers have moved to "+" shape and killed you).
    I could be wrong, but that's what I notice when I lag into Lotus, I get killed by laser, and if I don't lag, I can avoid the spawn lasers.
  • My first login in years, how lost will I be?

    Very summarized-
    Storywise (more or less chronologically):
    1. Cygnus Knights joined shortly after Pirates release.
    2. Six heroes who were trapped by the Black Mage awoke from their curse and with them came another boss, Damien.
    3. New "region" called Edelstein was discovered along with the Resistance jobs (basically a new job for each of the five classes), along with new boss called Lotus.
    4. Victoria Island (original five classes), Cygnus Knights, and the Resistance band together to form the Maple Alliance.
    5. Grandis, the area Magnus is from got two "champions" (?), Kaiser and Angelic Buster
    6. The warriors from Sengoku (Japanese Maplestory [I think?]), Hayato and Kanna, got teleported to Maple world by Nobunaga.
    7. New area, Arcane River (lvl 200+ area) , is discovered and the Maple Alliance follows the river, defeating the Black Mage's commanders, Lucid and Will.
    8. More jobs from Grandis, Cadena and Illium.
    9. End of the Arcane River leads to Tenebris, where the Black Mage is hatching his plot.
    10. Maple Alliance defeats the Black Mage.
    11. Maple World is recovering from the fight with the Black Mage.
    12. Aftermath of the fight causes Maple World and Grandis to merge into the same universe.
    13. Maple Alliance is helping Grandis with their "big baddy", Gerand Darmoor. (present day)

    Gameplay wise (more or less semi-importance):
    1. Much much easier to level up.
    2. Level cap is 275.
    3. Ability points system changed from primary + secondary stat to just primary stat system.
    4. Gear is much easier to get, both common gear and boss gear.
    5. Scrolling is now done with Spell Traces (basically common drop item you can get that let's you get decent scrolls.)
    6. Starforce is done through mesoes and event scrolls primarily.
    7. Gears now have potential and bonus stats that give extra boosts
    8. Free Market closed and Auction House replaced it.
    9. Monster Collection and Legion which allow you to get rewards even when you're not actively playing.
    10. A whole bunch of the worlds/servers got merged together. (I guess this should should have kind of been at the top, xd.)

    Probably left out a lot of important stuff here and there, but think I covered a good part of it. But like Aggraphine said, it's almost like a whole new game (hence there's still group of players here and there that aren't happy with what Maplestory is now since it's changed so much). But the game does an okay job of guiding you through everything. If you're interested, feel free to join my guild in Scania and we can help you if you need advice.
  • Why nexon? with the 24hr deletion on lvl 1's


    5th tick mark where it starts with "24-hour". Whether or it's still relevant.
  • Best memories with maplestory?

    Hmm, for me, it was probably way back when Maplestory was still on a disc in Korea. Saw my cousin play it when I was still in single digit age and was awestruck/mind blown. xd

    After that, hmm, probably running around with Umbra when Cygnus Knights first came out.
  • [Pink Bean] Mission Failure Condition Broken?

    RoseDrop wrote: »
    I'm currently holding off questing or gaining levels on Pink Bean. I'm scared that I'm going to do a required quest for one of the hidden missions and It'll be bugged.
    I can confirm that the hidden quests, "The Prince Who Loved a Human" and "Your Name" are working though.

    I think we would all like some input if there are problems with the hidden quests. Are the quests bugged, or have we somehow not found the solution yet?

    The only hidden quest that's currently bugged (to my knowledge) is the Bitter Taste of Failure one. All the other ones work, and even with that, don't think you need to worry about doing the required quest while it's bugged because worst case scenario, they fix the bug and you can send a ticket in with the screenshot of said quest in the completed section of your quest log if it doesn't properly auto update.