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  • Old Maplestory, Going forward!

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    pepe wrote: »
    The trend in gaming these days is to introduce an old school server for peeps who liked the old grind. While we're here arguing and wimpering about how crappy old maple is, OSRS and now WOW classic are booming.

    in before 'thats a different game...bla bla bla'

    A trend that doesn't always work. If you want the old grind and systems, you're free to whimper away from Nexon and play [Redacted].
    You can even pick from several [Redacted] to get the exact version to suit your nostalgia.
    Nexon does need to change game plans going forward. But that's the keyword, forward.
    A "nostalgia/classic" server does nothing but split the already split community even further apart. Let's not, okay?

    It's impossible to move forward with a game that has no mechanics and no depth to its combat whatsoever as a result of the fundamental features of the game that players have spent countless hours and money on.

    You're insisting that living with or trying to treat incurable cancer is better than reversing time given the ability to do so.
  • Old Maplestory, Going forward!

    Your own criteria for a good game has nothing to do with time.

    If you are interested in game mechanics, don't spend 90% of your time arguing about irrelevant things and try to convince yourself that TIME is somehow relevant and necessary for players to have a good time, or that your standards for enjoyment are "better" than others.

    You are still not understanding the link between time and mechanics. If you play a game that requires 200 hours of game time between levels 1 to 100, mechanics can be involved. If you play a game that required 2,000 hours, still mechanics can be involved. If you shorten the time to 2 hours from 1 to 100, likely one or more factors or scenarios come into mind, including
    • There is very little meaningful content between those levels
    • The mechanics for the content are developed in a haste or are not well thought out (e.g. you OHKO many mobs and gain level ups very quickly) (this closely resembles the structure of the current game)
    • The mechanics are there but you cannot fully invest into one area, one map, one level group specific content, or one aspect of gameplay for too long (e.g. each monster gives a ridiculous amount of exp but are "harder" to kill in a layman's terms, however you kill a few of them and move on)

    I am talking about the extreme shorter end of the time scale.
    Your constant focus on "slow leveling" vs "slow equip enhancement" hinges on your twisted generalizations that

    1. (MMO) games that can be cleared in 24 hours have SUPERFICIAL MECHANICS AND LORE
    2. games that can be cleared in a short time ARE NOT AS ENJOYABLE because "it didn't allow me to stick around and enjoy much more content for at least a few years."

    "Slow leveling" and "slow enhancing" are not included in any of my own viewpoints. You have completely misunderstood the dialogue and it is evidently clear from your avoidance of addressing the questions I posed to you on this sub-topic, the questions being:
    (1) How do you assess "slow leveling" coupled with pay-to-win compared to "slow enhancing" coupled with pay-to-win in terms of enjoyment?
    (2) If you can press a button to obtain all the levels and gear you need, would the game be more enjoyable?
    (3) Are you spending money on this game seemingly as you are advocating for the pay-to-win options this game provides to lower the game time?
    Your argument for an enjoyable game, however, hinges on the speed at which you progress rather than the mechanics themselves.

    For 1., see the bullet point list. For 2. I am strictly speaking about MMORPGs here where the expectation is that there is content that players can enjoy for at least several months. It's not that they are less enjoyable (sure I can get a thrill from those 2 hours of playing the game), but I would not rate it highly if 2 hours was all there was to an MMORPG. I don't rate an MMO highly because it has "slow leveling" or "slow enhancing"; I base this primarily off mechanics. However if I were to play an MMO that one could effectively complete in 2 hours, I would NOT be inclined to rate it highly. Make sense? In contrast, the shorter the MMO is the higher you will likely rate it apparently.

    It is clear that you are conflating MMORPGs with casual mobile games, and don't understand that an MMORPG is infinitely more complex and that players have different expectations going into an MMORPG (which is why you may be inclined to rate an MMO highly as long as you complete it in a very short time frame). You do understand that players often complain of lack of content in other MMOs, right?
    These are your own issues. Don't blame a game for not forcing you to stay or enjoying content because you could beat it quickly. Current maple offers players the option to level very fast to 100 or 200, but you can take your time and enjoy the content as well and slowly level if you want to enjoy the mechanics. You don't need to wear the best gear and participate in the rat race to get high DPS. Just find people that think the same way and want to "experience game mechanics" the way you want.

    If you want to stay weak to challenge yourself, you can always use weak equips and weak skills. If you don't want to gain exp super fast with full-screen AOE, don't use them.

    Modern Maple has no mechanics regardless of what equips you use. For example, mobs do very little damage and there is very little diversity in stats and skill function. Furthermore, given the option, people would always be inclined take the path of least resistance. If devs gave every account access to any level 275 character with max damage range after you play the game for an hour, people would play on those characters. That doesn't mean the game is now better (although it may be for you personally). Old Maple had more complex mechanics.
    I have no problem spending an hour on 200 games each and clearing them all.
    I do have a problem spending 200 hours to gain 1% exp, even if I need to utilize "subtle game mechanics" during that time to achieve that 1%.

    If you read these two statements and still think "clearly time is not a factor", you just either don't understand, or you're just saying whatever you want.

    If you spend 500 hours in total per year on video gaming, regardless of whether you are spending that 500 hours into one game or 200 games, your time consumption on gaming in general is not the factor. You are merely indicating that you did not enjoy enough of that one game, or it didn't have enough worthwhile content that you would spend on an alternative 199 games in those 500 gaming hours. Make sense? However, since you are judging a game based on how fast you can complete it, you likely wouldn't pay attention to the actual quality of the content at all which would make sense that in general playing 200 games is more worthwhile than playing one in your viewpoint.
    If you believe old maple was good because it arbitrarily forced people to spend 200 hours to grind for one level because you like "slow leveling" as a form of progression instead of "slow equipment enhancement", that's on you. Don't force everyone else to spend 3 months to unlock the next two skills they'll be using for another 8 months just because you need some arbitrary reason to "make you stay and enjoy more content", or tell them that their way of finding enjoyment in a game is somehow wrong.

    For the bolded, incorrect; it is evident that you did not understand what was stated.
  • Old Maplestory, Going forward!

    I don't think it's possible to have a civil discussion on this topic, let alone logical, insightful, coherent arguments from most people. At most you'll get a few posts detailing the "good moments" of old Maple.

    Either people enjoy games that are very one-dimensional and simple in terms of game mechanics, or they are blissfully unaware how much complexity was taken out beginning with Potential and Big Bang. Edit: In before someone spouts "wHaTS sO coMplEx aBouT tAkiNg WEeKs to gEt tO lvl 30???"
  • Slow leveling progression, how do ppl do this..

    This game is terrible, the leveling is so slow. I don't want to spend years just to go from level 200 to 250 to 275. There should be a second "Big Bang" so that people can reach 275 in 1 to 2 weeks of casual playing.
  • Look of the Month - Halloween Special!




    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    Zombie Hunter Hat
    Rifle Blade
    Classic Masquerade Mask
    Stylish Layered Plaid
    Kerning Engineering School Shoes
    Beaded Cross Earrings
    Dracula Cloak
    Luxury Wristwatch

    What horrifying or Halloween look were you going for (theme):
    The zombie/monster hunter look.