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  • Black-Mage as Blockbuster Content!

    From a developer standpoint, the whole point of the Black Mage content is to give people an actual reason to start increasing their level to - and past - 250, which serves a double purpose of keeping you in-game for longer (assuming you want to participate in that content) as well as providing a legitimate reason aside from pride to continue leveling. Allowing this content to be accessed pre-limina negates that almost entirely.

    Yes, people who don't want to grind will never get to that content anyway because of life or because they just don't care to. That doesn't mean the devs shouldn't continue to develop higher level content. At this point every lore update is just going to go up in level.

    As for the other blockbuster content, it doesn't really matter that you play it pre-200 because there's no important plot points in between your story quests and those respective bosses. If you access the Black Mage content as a blockbuster, many (like me, who was not already at Arcana before the event) will miss out on developments in the story (like being introduced to characters that were stationed in those areas).
  • Maple Culture

    1. Hacks have always existed for every game in existence. That's what happens when you have a multiplayer game and people decide to profit off of others' desires to progress.
    2. Duping is the same. Always existed.
    3. No one is hypersensitive. People just don't like you and the ideas you bring because for some reason you think that your ideas speak "for the community" but, judging from comments in-game, reddit, forum and the discord, no one agrees with most of what you have to say.
    4. You're one of those "old maple was better people." If that's what you think then you might as well give up. No one reverts progress.
    5. You can't fix culture. That develops over time.
    6. MLK, Malcolm X, and any other historical figure has done some real good work. Maplestory does not equate to human rights wtf.
    7. ShadEight is right.
    8. Stop trying to be a VFM or hold any position of power here when you can't format text properly, ramble and have trouble speaking understandable English due to speaking in hyperbole all the time.
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  • Ideas for next Crossover event

    Those first three options don't fit the aesthetic of the game at all. Most people won't even know the first one.

    IIRC all the anime crossovers thus far were handled by JMS and ported to GMS.

    Crossovers are tricky since rights and revenue need to be worked out. It's not like GMS can implement whatever it wants.
  • Anyone know when Zero will be out again?

    IIRC, Reboot locked out Zero because of its ability to progress to 180 via it's own story quest and the starting lvl 100 weapon (which in itself is not all that great BUT) that can level up on its own by completing the story line, thereby giving you an endgame level weapon for doing nothing. Since Reboot's progression also makes it so that partying up and playing together highly advantageous, having Zero reach endgame gear on its own (with it's own gear shop to boot) probably made it ineligible for creation.

    I could be wrong, and sure, some of these could be circumvented/not really matter to some people, but it doesn't look like Nexon Korea is gonna change anything anytime soon.
    The leveling is now a joke for all classes so I don't think it's the problem... It's more the weapon system or like you said, the gain of endgame gear. But, let's be honest, they Just don't wanna put the effort to change what 'could' be wrong to bring Zero in Reboot... And the fact that korea don't have Zero in Reboot means nothing because Reboot in Korea is dead so...

    Again, it's not the leveling to 180 that's the problem. It's doing it alone when Reboot was essentially supposed to be our "replacement" for pre-BB in terms of progression/party play. Second, it does matter that Korea doesn't have Zero in KMS Reboot because everyone forgets that Nexon America is a publisher NOT the developer. Nexon Korea (and subsequently Wizet, which was bought out by Nexon Korea) deveolps the game and those major updates are translated and pushed out in different regions. But, I'm sure if they really wanted to, they could redo Zero to make it compatible with Reboot.
  • When is Same-gender Marriage finally happening?

    Yoongi wrote: »
    xparasite9 wrote: »
    you people have been beating this horse for at least 6 years. Korea's not as "woke" as the west wishes the whole world would be, and as long as that's the case, the chances of this happening to Nexon's flagship game are very low.

    The only reason it was so easily applied to Mabinogi was the rebirth system, and the fact that when you rebirth a character you're given the option to change its gender, but historically you were locked out of that option if you were in a marriage.

    For now, Angelic Buster is gender-locked to female, and marriages are only between male and female characters. This will likely continue to be true for the foreseeable future as long as geopolitics maintain their current course. At this point, it would be more likely that marriages would just be removed from the game.

    Except gms has done things in their game that kms has not, and I highly doubt that gms adding same sex marriage will have any effect on kms. gms has a history of doing things it's own way anyway.

    I think that it's important for people to continue to keep bringing up the issue, because it's not like gay people are going away.

    Because GMS doing things its own way has culminated in what exactly other than the removal of content years after it's been implemented? The marriage system is outdated content as it is and they probably make less money on weddings than on 1k nx "Last chance" item sales. Would really prefer giving priority to optimizing the Frankenstein's Monster that the GMS code has become.