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  • Max skills on Beast Tamer or give free +All Skill

    Beast Tamer is the only class which cannot max all her skills. So the class highly relies on +All Skill Level, a thing which will become a legacy source in a few months. It has been a thing for Hat since the +All Skill Level from Hat Potential was removed in Autumn 2021. And now, we learned the mother version of MapleStory (KMS) just removed to possibility to obtain +All Skill Lv from Magnificent Soul Weapon.

    It is appearing in the Potential Lines section at the end of the second third of the web page.

    With the All Skill Level being removed from Hat potential, there were some players who already rolled good potential on their Royal Dunwitch Hat (Root Abyss Set), so they are ready to maintain their recommended +All Skill Level for the Genesis Scepter obtention, pre-Destiny and post Destiny with the extra SP we just obtained from leveling up to Lv250. So imagine players who never got to make a good Royal Dunwitch Hat in time, they will never be able to have the same playstyle as the prepared players.

    It is even worse with the Magnificent Soul Removal. With this All Skill Level stat from Magnificent Soul being removed, this Legacy issue is becoming more serious, especially for the players who eventually want to change Root Abyss set for Eternal Set (Lv250 equipment). Players who already obtained Genesis Scepter at this moment will still have a chance to obtain +2 All Skill Level before the source removal. Reboot player already struggle trying to obtain the Hatching Badge as their only way to obtain Dragonoir Familiar is to open Roro Booster Pack, rare to get. These players also struggle for obtaining +2 All Skill from magnificent soul since they cannot trade. No much an issue for regular server with Auction House, but still unfair.
    End game players who obtained +2 All Skill Level on Genesis Scepter already and desire to obtain the Eternal Set will be the only ones to fully maintain the optimal skill SP build with +3 All Skill Level with the best equipment of the game. Sure another player can try to obtain Passive +1 All Skill Level from Inner Ability, but it doesn’t benefit as much as a regular permanent source of All Skill Level. And there is a +1 All Skill level source from Familiar Potential, but it is not recommended to go for it, plus it eliminates the possibility to obtain more useful stat potential compared to the legacy player situation.

    Having more SP can offer a better gameplay experience, but the future players who wish to play Beast Tamer in a long term will never get the same gameplay experience as veteran players and it is not fun for these people. There is no reason to punish players like this and the community sees no reason to not max all the skills, especially with some inconveniences. Especially if one player wants to train as Snow Leopard with every single skill, includes Party Time. On the optimal building with +3 All Skill Level, because Party Time requires too much SP to unlock it, we cannot obtain it. Else I would need +4 All Skill level and let Hawk - Veteran formation pretty low level. The thing is we are losing damage from Baby Bomber when it's time to burst on bossing with Tornado Flight. One player would need to reset SP just to be able training efficiently on Snow Leopard. Why is that a thing?? Even on my journey for Lv280, when we still had 593 SP (pre-Destiny), I did a full reset to mix leopard/hawk and obtain Cat-Meow/Gold Card, I had to discard Bear mode...

    I can show what a Beast Tamer build at the end looks, mainly how the SP skill trees should be:

    Forgot to show another Hat I am using as well, to do daily quest in Cernium and higher as Leopard I am also using a Chaos Vellum Helmet with +5 All Skill total to increase attack skills for heavier damage and lower cooldown on Three-Point Pounce + Advanced Thunder Dash.
    Right now, I have the option to apply Magnificent Soul until getting +2 All Skill Level on my Genesis Scepter. I will do it pretty soon because I plan to make a better Hat, I only have 1 good potential line on Bonus Potential here and I don't want to lose my build, in preparation of getting Eternal Set.

    We had some discussions in the Beast Tamer community discord about solutions how to fix this Legacy issue, so everyone can play Beast Tamer equally without relying on Legacy items.

    Beast Tamer Community Recommendation:

    With all the All Skill Level source removals and future issues coming described before this section, we recommend to max every skill. We propose solutions to apply this recommendation:

    -SP assigned to animal requirement removal. It greatly limits the players to assign SP on as many skills as possible, even with +All Skill Level. The biggest barrier
    -Change Skill Level requirement to unlock the next animal skill from Lv1 to 5 except the skills which the Master Level is lower than 10.
    -Master Level reduction of several skill to be able to fully use the 743 SP and not missing SP
    -Possibility to merge/remove skills if applicable. Example of two useless skills since v.233 Destiny : Remastered = Bear - Dumb Luck and Cat - Pur-Powered (the class now has 100% Knockback Resistance from Growth Spurt at beginner tab)

    Another possibility, if not applying the whole list above, might be the most simple solution bracket below.

    -Scepter Mastery - additional effect with existing ones: When equipping Scepter weapon, obtain +3 All Skill Level (extra SP obviously won’t count for required animal SP to unlock the next skill)
    -Table Flip: Passive: +1 All previous Fort Skill Level
    -Party Time: Passive: +1 All previous Lai Skill Level
    -Tornado Flight: Passive: +1 All previous Eka Skill Level
    -Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg: Passive: +1 All previous Arby Skill Level
    *SP assigned to animal requirement removal really needs to be implemented or else there is a need to reduce Master Level of Veteran Formation to Lv10*
    **Caution: The extra SP from All Skill Level is not counted for any requirement, so if we want to force players to put minimum SP to level skills at a little slower pace, Change Skill Level requirement to unlock the next animal skill from Lv1 to 5 except the skills which the Master Level is lower than 10. **

    Receive a free SP Reset Scroll once reaching Lv250 if a player is messing up when assign SP while leveling.
  • Beast Tamer revamp Ideas w/o c/d on Lv190 hyper


    This whole list of ideas should be implemented on purpose to considerably increase the time having All Together! Critter Crossing!, this Lv190 Hyper Skill added in the patch v.214 – Rise of the Guardian. Since the previous revamp last summer, in 2019, some Beast Tamer players have noticed how their client visual damage didn’t fit with bosses HP being known, but other players could see their real damage. Because sharing passives from other animal modes than the one being currently used, which wasn’t intended, some main players realized that it was the kind of stats that have to be kept, it’s needed on balance purpose. With this v.214 patch, this bug no longer occur so Beast Tamer are back at doing very low damage in long run if we can compare this class damage to more supportive classes. Me, thrakkes as a main Hero player and who already had to play a Shade as secondary main, who also played several classes to upgrade my Legion higher and following KMS DPM chart closely, depending of bossing situation. I also know a player who mains it since day 1, he can say a lot about the class. I really think that Beast Tamer class deservers a greater revamp.
    In this list of ideas, I tried so hard to think how the class has to be revamped without doing broken damage like we had prior v.214 patch with passive sharing bug, so I had to considerably decrease a lot of sources of %Ignore Enemy Defense plus removing some of them. I have also thought of the concept Beast Tamer with many right ways of play it, depending of play styles we want to give it. Let’s say a player want be more supportive and with our current amount of SP, we can manage playing 3 animal modes efficiently at most, not more, by using Bear/Snow Leopard/Cat or using Bear/Hawk/Cat. Then a player want to play more offensively by using Bear/Snow Leopard/Hawk set up. By definition of balance, playing supportive has to deal less damage than offensive. This is what I did by playing with some Leopard and Hawk passive skills, relocating some of them on very last skills of their branches. By doing this, playing Cat mode while still using Bear for bossing, there will be no way of getting passive skills from both modes unless playing Snow Leopard/Hawk/Cat which none of them are good for bossing. Hawk may have potential being a decent bosser, but not as great as Bear mode.
    Now, there are several skills that I suggest adding more number of attacks especially Bear and Cat modes, I also touched Hawk Formation Attack. I am trying to incorporate Fishy Slap in bossing, but it won’t be able tanking damage or moving so it’s very risky to use, but I try to give it a really good burst of damage.
    As for Leopard mode, if all these ideas are implemented for a greater hyper skill duration, then the extra %damage gained on Lethal Lai and Leopard’s Roar from where they were prior patch v.214, respectively 20% and 10%. Moving a portion of some leopard passives to very late hawk skills is done so Bear/XXXX/Cat, same goes for Hawk passive skills.
    Then, Cat mode was really hard to give it a fair balance especially when using buffs then switching back to Bear mode for DPS. I wanted suggest moving Cat’s Claw farther in tree so there will be no way to benefit from this skill if we want play the offensive built. I also gave a cooldown on Meow Heal since Bishop Heal also has a cooldown. I gave Purr Zone a better HP recovery for late game players that exceed 55,000 HP. I am also trying to buff a little more Meow Card and Gold Card by giving additional buff to Blue Card and additional chance of obtaining Gold Card.
    For 5th job now, several Beast Tamer players have asked for the skill Champ Charge to be revamped because it lacks of number of attacks and %damage, making it useless, so I tried to revamp it to be more worthfull using. Giving a buff at Bear Special Attack may be a nice touch, but maybe it should be limited to more %final damage. The class also misses so many useful Boosted Nodes.

    Beginner tab or other:
    1- Receiving quest to get Maple Alliance Skill (Lv75+)
    2- Allow certain skills Master Level to be surpassed with Combat Order/Decent Combat Order/+1 All Passive Skill Level inner ability, nothing else.
    3-Give Beast Tamer the skill Echo once Lv200 like every other classes

    -Paw Swipe + Furious Strike: Changing system so we are not forced to keep tapping, we should now hold the key instead. It might not be doable if we must press on Attack command, so it may be better to drag Paw Swipe skill icon into key setting to make this easier if anything.
    -Paw Swipe: First 3 hits, Damage: 420 > 210% and Number of Attack: 1 > 2
    -Furious Strike: Extra Paw Swipe Damage: +100% > +50% due to increase of Number of Attack. Damage: 450% > 420%
    -Majestic Trumpet: Add mention of Cooldown Time: 5 seconds
    -Fort Follow-Up: Additional Damage: 825% > 415%; Number of Attack: 1 > 2. Change activation rate for 25% chance to trigger to avoid some potential bug.
    -Defense Ignorance: Passive %IED: 30% > 20%. Attack Speed passive: +2 > +3
    -Li’l Fort: Bear Damage: 1900% > 640% Adding mention of Number of Attack on description. Number of Attack: 1>3. Change Duration so it can be affected by %Summon Duration. Bear Duration: 60seconds > 70 seconds. Icon on top of screen should be shown to show Bear Duration left.
    -Bear Assault: Remove Passive Enemy DEF Ignored of 20% to apply the change on Defense Ignorance. Remove the %damage buff.
    -Fishy Slap: Damage: 660% > 410% Number of Attack: 1 > 5
    -Table Flip: Number of Attack: 8 > 12

    Snow Leopard:
    -Macho Dance: Enlarge the skill hit box to match a little more the diagonal movement. Adjust its damage to be similar to Macho Slam.
    -Bro Attack: Level 1: Summon Chance: 1% > 6% and Level 15: Summon Chance: 15% > 20%. Cooldown removal, anyways it hits 0 second cooldown at max level and skill duration is way longer. Reducing attacks interval a bit or make them hit stronger unless we get Boosted Node of this skill. If reducing attacks interval, we can decrease the baby leopard duration to 25-30 seconds.
    -Deadly Fangs: % Final Damage: 20% > 15%
    -Lethal Lai: Built in Enemy DEF Ignored removed as we already have a high source of the stat from Leopard Reflexes, so unnecessary.
    -Leopard Reflexes: Decrease %Ignore Enemy DEF from 60% to 30% and adding 10%critical damage which came from Eka Express.

    -Formation Attack: Increase range by 15% and number of monster hits: 3> 5. Be able to jump while casting. (See hyper skill section)
    -Eka Express: Removing passive 10% critical damage being relocated into Leopard Reflexes.
    -Max Mobility: Remove 30% Ignore Enemy Defense
    -Regroup: Increase 20%>30% Ignore Enemy Defense
    -Raptor Talons: Cooldown removal because it has 0 second cooldown at max level, so possibility to put the skill in pet auto buff.
    -Feather Boots: Add %Final Damage: 15%
    -Tornado Flight: Mentioning number of hits. Number of Attack: 4 > 8, Damage: 800% > 400%

    -Friendly Launcher: Damage 800% > 215% and 4th hit delivering final blow Damage 1600% > 430%. Number of Attack on every hits including final blow: 1 > 5. Make it so we no longer need to smash the attack command in order to deal second, third and final blow!!!! Just by holding! If needed, put a system which resets hits count after stop attacking for 3 seconds.
    -Meow Heal: Add cooldown of 3 seconds. Put maximum recovery to 60-70% when lower players in the range.
    -Cat’s Claw: The skill must be moved after Friendly Launcher – Enhance (see explanation section) Critical Damage: 10% > 8%
    -Purr Zone: %Critical Rate has to affect the skill periodical damage (DoT). Change Heal Recovery to be 5% HP periodically. Increase cooldown from 15 to 30 seconds. Damage: 1000% > 600% Number of Attack: 1>6 Damage over time should remains the same as activation.
    -Meow Card: Red Card= Damage buff: 40% > 25% Blue Card= Add 5%Critical Damage, +50 all stats and +30 w.att/m.att
    -Gold Card: Increase chance to obtain all Meow Card effects: 30% > 70%
    -Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg: %Critical Rate has to affect the skill periodical damage (DoT) being dealt by party members hit. Possibility to add Bind effect, Bind duration: 10 seconds. Decrease Skill Duration from 12 to 10 seconds. This skill should work similar to Shade bind skill.

    Hyper Skill:

    -IMPORTANT!!! Highly suggested!!! Lv190 hyper = All Together! Critter Crossing! : Summons all of the animal spirits at the sound of Chase’s strong, magical whistle.
    Lv1: MP Cost: 1000, Duration: 60 >120 seconds. Skill applies all of passive and buff skills with a few exceptions, regardless of the mode. Only skills with SP invested will be kept and all buffs will disappear when this skill ends. Remove Cooldown (HIGHLY Suggested, look at explanation above) or at least put 60 seconds cooldown.

    -REMOVED Formation Attack: Spread due to additional number of monster on original skill
    -NEW Formation Attack: Extra Strike: Number of Attacks: +1 or whatever it may take to get closer to Bear DPS including Bear Assault, but not equal, giving people option bossing with Bird mode.

    5th job + Boosted Nodes:

    5th job:

    -Champ Charge: Since the buff in August 2019, with so many skills being changed for better overall DPM increase, this skill no longer does enough damage to be comparable with Furious Strike and some other skills. I think that all this skill should be casted by holding the skill rather than tapping. It will stop if release the skill. Give possibility of Bear Special Attack to give short duration of buff for extra burst. Increase Attack speed of casting animation slightly, because it takes around 6 seconds to select special attack then casting all attacks. Do something so the character will keep facing to same direction after selecting animal, so we won’t miss hit.
    Level 25: Add effect: While channeling this skill, damage taken from enemy attacks (including attacks that deal a fixed percent of damage) are reduced by 50%! Give possibility of Bear Special Attack to give short duration of buff for extra burst.
    -Lai: -Normal Attack= Number of Attack: 3 > 8 Damage: 750% > 1100%
    -Special Attack= Number of Attack: 6 > 10 Damage: 700% > 1200%
    -Fort: -Normal Attack= Number of Attack: 2 > 8
    -Special Attack= “First hit” Number of Attack: 3 > 12
    “Second Hit” Number of Attack: 8 > 15 Damage: 750% > 1200%
    When selecting Fort as Special Attack, every Bear attack skills following the last hit will see number of attacks doubled for 10 seconds, can’t go further than maximum # attack being 15.
    -Eka: -Normal Attack= Damage: 325% > 800%
    -Special Attack= Number of Attack: 10 > 12 Damage: 350% > 950%
    -Arby: -Normal Attack= Number of Attack: 1 > 8 Damage: 1300% > 750%
    -Special Attack= Number of Attack: 4 > 8 Damage: 600% > 850%
    When selecting Arby on Cat Mode, doubles the Tree buff duration.

    -Aerial Relief: Level 25: periodically attacks 34 times, Damage: 900% >600% Number of Attack: 8 > 12 (or either 720% skill damage and 10 attacks). Maybe not changing it at all.

    Boosted Nodes:
    -Deep Breath: Now Really Deep Breath will be affected, should affect both skills
    -REMOVED Really Deep Breath because being affected by boosted Deep Breath
    -NEW Majestic Trumpet to replace Boosted Really Deep Breath
    -Thunder Dash: Add mention of Advanced Thunder Dash. Fix bug which only Thunder Trail is affected by the boosted node if at least 1 SP is applied into Advanced Thunder Dash
    -Add Bro Attack node or include it into an existing Snow Leopard Node, ideally Party Time?
    -Add Purr Zone node, make it affecting initial hit and DoT.
    -Add Cat’s Cradle Blitzkrieg node, make it affecting initial and extra DoT damage coming from party member hits

    Special Notes, how to improve game play/bug list:
    -Allow us to hold Paw Swipe so we can keep swing Furious Strike instead of tapping nonstop. Make sure that we are still able to slightly move while spamming Furious Strike.
    -Giving Invincibility Time from moment Aerial Relief starts dealing damage, so a while after it starts being casted, allowing player to move freely, maybe 1 second duration. It can already ignore physical damage on whole casting duration.

    - Bug:
    -Attack Speed going from stage 2 to stage 1 not affecting most skills including Furious Strike (I actually made bug report ticket to Nexon with a video I uploaded)
    -The skill Thunder Dash is replaced by Advanced Thunder Dash, but the cooldown of the skill is not shown in the quick slot after using it. The kill Advanced Thunder Dash is not affected by Thunder Dash boosted node.
    -Sometimes, a player can get softlocked when using Meow Card too quickly after switching to cat mode and switching back to another animal mode.

    What do you guys think of all these changes? This sould be made in condition of having 100%uptime on the Lv190 hyper skill because the passives from all the modes are needed.
  • Beast Tamer 'Revamp' Feedback

    I am afraid to try my damage on my second main Beast Tamer after seeing multiple rant threads on Reddit. Started to play it as sub since October and I really felt like the passive bug made the class decent and well balanced if going on built Bear/Leopard/Hawk. Don't get me wrong, I currently still main Hero for years since I started play this game. Just gotta say that I was once a Hero Councilor for Maple Leaf Council years ago, so I am open for more revamp suggestions.

    As the weeks pass, after leveling, doing multiple achievements like Dream defender and several bossing solo and viewing other Beast Tamer with different built videos, I can see so much potential of making it better. I believe this class still needs a ton of changes, not for a better DPS than this pre-revamp necessarely but more like giving way more choices of playstyle, better QoL with some more bug fixes and skills addition/rework.

    Several players actually ask for a Champ Charge mechanism rework since Beast Tamer got reworked last year. As for this new Lv190 Hyper skill, I was really hoping that it would be something else and then this passive bug could actually be intended eventually, but it's not what happened here :( Beast Tamer being trash class as Bear/Leopard/Hawk built? I can't accept that. Even for Bear/Leopard/Cat, heck Cat support skills are far from being as good as Bishop, so I don't see the point of drastically nerf the class in overall. What could be easily done to fix this is to increase every Bear %dmg skill by current average %DPS increase from passive from either playing on any of these two builts and slightly increase Leopard/Hawk damage, so this new hyper skill could burst damage even more. Same thing should be done for Cub Cavalry and Aerial Relief.

    However, if we really want more choices of playstyles and actually have a reason of playing Cat Mode for way better supports, this new hyper skill should be 100% uptime. What I have in mind is to relocate a portion of some passives from Leopard and Hawk modes to put in last passives of each mode and in both modes they should have very similar passives or maybe slighty better ones in Hawk at some point. A way so we can slighty nerf Bear/Leopard/Cat by maybe 15% of DPS pre-revamp in exchange of better cat supports for balance purpose. Eventually, I will even try playing around with Cat skills to see what can be easily done for better support, especially for some healing skills and party passives... I don't think a Beast Tamer would want stay on Cat mode for a whole fight but only on certain situations. There should be another reason than just Gold Card for playing Bear/Leopard/Cat. What would be very nice for Hawk mode if a complete buff of Tornado Flight, so it can be used as a very good burst, but of course it may be a bit risky to use in bosses. The few times I tried it in Normal Lucid solo while dodging dragon, I felt like damage could be better especially for risk of taking hits. I have plenty of good ideas, some of you may not agree.

    Of course I would not say no for more lines on some skills, casting delay and such but nothing too major. What would you guys think of current Beast Tamer gameplay? Besides having lame damage, we all know this lol.

    Here are some reddit links about complains after Beast Tamer revamp (note that there is also a bug with this new hyper, to read one of these links):
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    I have finally cleared floor 200 Dream Defender as Hero with 41k STR buffed, after losing alliance skills but before claiming alliance title. Then last night after coming back from two weeks break, learning that it was no laggy I decided to attempt floor 201 for first time with some buffs left from my hard lucid run. Never expected making it o-O Even if I messed up at beginning.

  • Greetings from CM Ghiblee

    Welcome to Nexon team Ghiblee!!


    Is there possibility Nexon considers some of the solutions to limit botters farming that much mesos from looting per account for REGULAR server? By looking at every replies made on the link I sent above. Althought, most players dislike the idea of Nexon selling mesos lol, but i have a very few buddies, who are use to buy these are pleased of this idea. But there are other solutions.

    I am willing to rid of these botters that much, so I want contribute finding simple solutions to considerably reduce amount of them :) Even if some players think I want hurt them and economy, it's not what I want to do. I also never buy mesos from them.