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  • Pick up item delay.

    1. it could be your internet but most likely is due to the lag. this game has been lagging very badly for who knows how long. not sure what world your playing in as most people play on reboot now and the lag is horrible.

    2. the item pick delay has been extended a LONG time ago since i've played as it used to be instant and this is so that they force you to buy pets and spend money. pets are not that expensive plus now they have permanent pets outside of the reboot world to buy as well as have meso magnent and all that already on it. so yea it is still cheap. back when i played those were actual items you individually had to buy spending maybe $10-15 on a pet alone with the items now it's what? $5

  • Taking bets on maintenance time

    Aren´t they already 2hrs late?

    edit: the web I get my pst time was wrong ._. we have 1 hour left
    i feel you i thought they were late until i looked up th PST time. i live in Hawaii so we don't have daylight savings time and i never keep up with it but it's 2-3hours ahead of our time depending if Daylight savings time is active or not.

  • Song What happens when Nexon takes down the game?

    Yes, and imagine how hard the people who have to trudge to work at 5 AM and stay up/work for 20 hours to appease the impatient masses have it. Believe me, the Maple staff don't want it any more than we do.
    then they should start learning from there mistakes. other gaming companies don't seem to have an issue it's not like this is there first go around with long maintenances or many unscheduled maintenances
  • holy crap.. nexon is crazy

    agree'd this game has a very complicated enchanting system the worse i've seen thus far in any mmorpg. it's not about the RNG factor it's about how many of then you have to stack not even including abilities and link skills yet alone buffs but it looks more like a money maker then anything as they seem to have a lot of ways to reset or buy these stuff in cash shop. it wouldn't be so bad if they at least had a meso to nx exchange because im sure you can easily spend hundreds of dollars just to enchant your items to make them very perfect.

    then again this game looks like it needs it at the same time there isn't any hard mechanics unlike other games where bosses will 1 shot you if you get hit once or do something wrong i mean it is a 2d ss game
  • Worth coming back to Maplestory?

    yea hackers have been a major issue for a long time in this game which is pretty ridiculous and lack of support from the company as well. last i played it was easy to get to 120 unfunded which is also sad. thanks for the opinions i think i will pass on this game