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  • Does the town artifact REALLY drop the chair?

    yes. i just read the notes yesterday on this website it states they drop the chair as well

    NX items that are permanent that you can literally sell in a shop is allowed of course you need to read the print where it stats once equiped cannot be traded or whatever.

    selling NX or NX items for mesos that require NX is not allowed. back in the day many people did this and didn't get banned but im sure they are more strict now. this is illegal for the fact that the person buying can easily get scammed. nobody wants to get scammed and yes many people that sold nx this way did scam others. nexon also loses out on money as well as people could simply buy nx rather then buy with mesos realistically though not everyone that plays this game has a job but with reboot world you really have no excuse because everything can be bought with meso's or events and they give a lot of mesos.

    btw you cannot trade in reboot to other players only across account and thats only certain things like money or account bound items. NX is the same thing you cannot trade NX items even if permanent across acounts unless the characters are of the same faction. i think there are 4 factions currently. Explorers, Hero's, Cygnus knights, and Japanese ( not sure what they are called but it's the Kanna and Hayato i think it's Sengoku ) it says there faction when you create them on the top of the banners. this is obviously to promote more buying of NX since thats how they make there money.
  • Taking bets on maintenance time

    i think it will be available on time maybe 20minutes delay. i do think there will be unscheduled maintenance later on tomorrow though. a 9 hour maintenance is a PRETTY long time to be adding what they are adding i mean i've seen other companies add more content more smoother then they have without even a maintenance at all. once it hit 12am the content was available you didn't have to log off to update that would have been done a few days ago where you updated the game but the content itself would be locked off until that day but yea this is nexon were talking about.

    next 20 hours im going to level my main from level 1 then sleep because i have work tomorrow. im pretty sure the lag is going to be crazy tonight anyways
  • No Game Update Post?

    i think in all of maplestory i only hated one person and that was a hacker. i would set up my shop in the FM and get a good spot in the bottom platforms 1-7 which was a prime spot and then he would some how disconnect me by spamming in my shop so it dc's me so i would lose the spot and then rinse and repeat all day. it was very annoying