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  • Stuff for next ‘A Better Maple’


    Here some stuff I would like to see in the next ‘A Better Maple’ patch:

    Familiar summoning - Add option to key bind a specific familiar. Also allow to summon it after getting hit.

    Sweetwater weapons&armor - Allow to use 'Platinum Scissors of Karma' to make those items tradeable for one more time.

    On-screen Gadgets (maple points, kaiser ui, luminous ui, etc..) - Make the game "remember" where the player last time placed it when login.

    Pets Ignore items skill - Add untradeable and events related items to the list of items.

    Princess No - Make Princess No more accessible by removing key requirement or increasing the drop rate.

    Hide player messages from chat (Mute) - Add option to when we Right-click player we be able to choose "Mute" so we won't see his messages in our chat. This specially needed because all of the Mesos sellers spam in free market.

    Pendant of the Spirit - Who can stay up for 2 hours+ without disconnection or game crash? Please let it give the full potential (30% exp) from the moment we equip it.

    Pets Items pouch skill - Allow us to key bind on/off.

    Hard Hilla - Remove the restriction for two players or more in party to go in.

    Change Equip - Make it possible to change equip after getting hit.

    If someone have stuff to add.. pls!
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  • Please consider Second Chance 3.0

    And none of them have been unbanned despite @Arwoo saying that those that are innocent will be unbanned(which turned out to be a lie).

    How can you tell? i know some players who got unbanned.
    Stop throwing stuff like that with no proof.

    This that you still see player who complain about the ban and claim to be innocent without giving any proof other than their words doesn't make them right.

    Ticket system, this what they should use to ask for a second chance or to request another investigation.

    I spent more than few money on this game, i also want the lvl 200 weapon. but i would never, never think of getting it illegally. I just wait patiently for nexon to add it to Marvel.

  • Bun Shop Negative Point.

    Bug type: Can't collect rewards

    Brief bug summary: Issue with the points calculation

    More details:

    Steps to reproduce: After finishing each quest i get 100 Bun Buxx, and i can do that quest 10 times per day, so on first day i should have 1,000 Bun Buxx. But for some reason it say im missing -2147482848 Bun Buxx.. even if i do the quests every day i won't be able to cover that huge minus.

    Date and time of the incident: 3/22/2017
  • Maple VVorld Record Event Rewards

    Arwoo wrote: »
    SadVirgin wrote: »
    @Arwoo Doesn't that mean that there were in fact records of "runner ups" if you were able to verify previous record holders? Was this information not accessible for records where cheaters ultimately got disqualified?

    What we have are records of players and the exact moment when they acquired the record.

    However, say a certain record category was being held by an illegitimate player.
    Because the illegitimate player's record could not be surpassed, there would be no record of who placed below them.

    While the player who had previously held the record before the illegitimate player could technically be the runner up, there could have been the possibility of their record having been beat, but not logged. This is due to landing between the previous record holder's record and the illegitimate player's record.

    Thankfully though, this information was enough to allow us to see which players actually held the record before the cutoff date.

    @Arwoo Never make such event again, thanks.

    That was so obviously when you added this event that cheaters (hackers/bots/exploiters) gonna get those rewards, so why you guys never took that in consideration on how to prevent them from doing so and how to pass the record to legit players?

    It feels like you guys not aware to the amount of cheaters in this game (which is super huge), high % from every channel population are bots who farming mesos.
    And there is always at first page here in general forum or in other forums discussions about this.. like this one:

    In our server, someone who used 600,000+ mount coupons (?!?!?!?) got the rewards.
  • How active are your GMs on your server?