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  • Oh nexon,you....ugh.

    not only NOT only did they mess up BASIC time zones so the event happened HOURS before new years for me. for me it was at like 7PM. but when it IS new years(happy new years BTW.) the store is bugged and i cnt buy anything! i came on when it was like 10 minutes or so after midnight to see what there was,it says stuff is available but i cant buy ANY of it! so it appears they not only messed up time zones,but didnt even fully correct the event for when it IS new years! edit:ah,apologize. they want the event to be at the same time for everyone -.- for me the events at 3AM! would it hurt for this limited quantity per person event to JUST be on every time zones new year and not new year at California,making the event HOURS off of other places with CET being at jan 1st at SEVEN PM
  • what IS cheating?

    the question is being asked as i just ran into a hacker,who was attacking every enemy on the large map (somewhere on ghost ship) and auto collecting every meso even though he had no pet and was stationary(once again,has a huge pile of other things where he stands...)but what is used to do that? and he had an alt account kanna to spam kishin for more spawns,is THAT cheating? like just about everybody else i dont read the TOS. how are hacks put in? is it put in some MS file? if so after a few times getting reported for hacks or kicked for hacking due to lag and you beating a ton of enemys is there something that stops for a hack scan? is there even anti cheat for MS?
  • alot of events.....

    the thing that's bothering me is things like another burning. 28-17 in January. but see the dates? AFTER Christmas and going into next year. I may have not seen it in patch notes but I don't see no cash item movement event....
  • knoback and what it does to pets

    so. pets. we get them to speed up the impossibly slow manual pickup cause you have small range,the pickup starts slow and is slow in the end,and some people get auto move/auto move x3 range (me) so they don't have to walk around small/semi large maps but shouldn't there be a sort of skill to boost pet movement? or did I not see it? cause then its kinda just a slower way to pick up without the skill....and the thing that makes auto move kinda bad is it only goes off if you don't move for a bit. this also gets cancelled by knockback for reason unknown to me....so classes like kanna who has the ability to boost monster spawns cant really use the skill (and as this is suggestion's, I recommend going to general chat and over to my last post about the pet auto feed/move skill)