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  • Nexon game security kick bug

    Bug type: Crash

    Brief bug summary: at random intervals, usually few to several minutes apart the game kicks the player out and closes with the following error message:
    "You have been kicked By Nexon game security for suspicious game or client behavior"
    shortly after Nexon launcher also disconnectes.

    More details: this issue started plaguing me and other players last evening (Pacific time) and still happens today in the morning. It became nearly impposible to stay connected to the game regardless of what is being done in-game (doesn't matter what you do, hunt monsters, bosses, afk or sit in town).
    Just to make it clear I made sure to not run anything 3rd party on the PC other than Nexon launcher itself in the background, and also tried restarting wireless connection, router and PC clean boot to make sure this isn't a local issue with my connection or system.
    More people have reported similiar occurances of the issue here with same kick message:

    Update: launching the game from Steam and changing wireless networks doesn't fix the problem, it still kicks. However, I did find out over the course of two days playing a very weird anomaly, apparently around game daily reset time (UTC) the kick bug stops happening for about an hour and a half and I can play normally during that time. This has been the case for the past two days straight by this time. However, after about 1.5 hours after daily reset the bug resumes and happens again every few minutes and kicks me out with the same message (always) for the rest of the day forward until next reset. No idea what to make of this other than this bug might be related to some kind of in-system count of sorts which exempts those 1.5 hours from triggering the kick bug.

    Also, just to make it clear, the bug isn't associated with any noticeable lag, the game plays normal at the time of said kicks and subsequent launcher disconnections.

    Steps to reproduce: just play the game normally, though not every player is effected from what I gathered, and haven't found no common denominator to those who are effected with this bug so far.

    Character name: RemiLianne

    Character level: 245

    Character job: Bishop

    World name: Bera

    Date and time of the incident: July 27th (PST) throughout the evening so far.
  • i was banned

    Congratulations mrskannax! I'm glad to read you've received your account back :)

  • False Banning Fix?!

    I hope that all those who were unlucky enough to get banned by false positives will be unbanned as well soon, As a Bishop main I'll be praying for you guys..
  • Event hall is EXTREMELY laggy

    Can this Event Hall screen freeze problem be fixed please? It has been plaguing a lot of us players at least since December. We can't use the event shop in the Event Hall so all of our hard earned event coins are being wasted time and again each new event shop season.
    Additionally, it seems like someone has pinpointed a possible cause for this issue and a possible solution already in this previously posted thread here: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/10146/possible-fix-for-event-hall#latest
    Maybe the devs can try that suggested fix??