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  • Could we get this Crossover in GMS Please X(

    I would love to get this cross-over since many of these series are an absolute favorite of mine. But, if GMS does get this cross-over, please release the cross-over Nx items either in a box of NOTHING BUT, CROSS-OVER ITEMS, with no regular NX items included.. or as individual packages.
    Heck they could also release a combination of the two like they did for SAO and Attack on Titan.
    Please also release the hairs as either individual coupons or a coupon with NOTHING, BUT cross-over hairs with no regular hair styles to be trolled with.

    If GMS did any of the above suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated since it has been VERY difficult to actually get a desired cross-over NX set or hair style without spending hundreds of dollars, (could be less however depending on luck..) , due to the inclusion.of other "fine items" ever since the Re:Zero event.
    In turn due to the inclusion of unrelated items, a person who buys the cross-over box/hair coupon, has a chance of possibly never getting any of the cross-over outfits, or getting a cross-over glove and boot at most.
    However, by making the box have only cross-over items, it substantially increases the chance of possibly getting a desired full outfit set of cross-over items or the hair style of choice.

    But, knowing how cross-overs have been rhandled in recent times, I highly doubt the "other fine items" model will change with this one either.. but one can hope for the latter.. I suppose.
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    I asked for this outfit package beforehand in the past, but I would really love to see this package released again, since it's been almost two years since the outfit packages were first released. Plus seeing that we got the Kinesis outfit package and the heroes of maple outfits again after release, I feel that re-releasing the blaster outfit isn't out of the realm of possibility.

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX item
    Item name (English/Korean): Blaster Outfit Packages (M/F)
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link):
    Image of item:071216_blasterpack.png
  • Suggestions for Illium

    I honestly feel that Illum's "Ancient Crystal" should automatically teleport to the players position if the player moves too far away from the Crystal, without pressing the command key and the down key on the keyboard. Training with Illum is quite tedious at times because you keep having to press the "Ancient Crystal" skill key, every few seconds to recall the Crystal to your position because the Crystal can easily get out of the players attack range, since it doesn't follow the player from platform to platform. Thus, requiring the player to constantly baby sit the Crystal in order to properly utilize Illum's reaction and Crystal skills.
    However, if the Crystal would automatically teleport to the players position if they got too far from it, training and bossing would become a lot less tedious since the player would be able to use reaction skills and keep a charge easier without having to constantly babysit the crystal.
  • Black Friday Sales

    I really wish that Nexon would put some of the class packages on sale for Black Friday*cough Blaster Outfit package *cough,cough*., or permanent(non-rng box) sales, like they did two years ago.
    It seems that besides slight variations in items, these sales seem to be a repeat of what they did last year thus far.
  • Maplehood Watch Rotation change ideas?

    I would love to see the Lucid Dream NX sets, Noble Blossom and especially the Starlit Dreams set, added to the Maplehood Watch Pool. But, the odds of adding any of these sets is pretty low.