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  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Isoprophyl wrote: »
    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): Hair
    Item name (English/Korean): Mocha Hair (Male)
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link): http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/6904/cash-shop-specials-1-20-1-26
    Image of item: mh3ssk4.jpg

    I would also love to see Mocha hair (male) return as well, it's been a while since the hairstyles been released and I would really love to have this hairstyle for my Illium
  • Finally a Crossover! Re:Zero Lets discuss

    "Imagine that you just bought your groceries and are walking towards the exit of the store. Just, then you come across a series of quarter machines near the exit. One of these machines has variety of jewelry, such as necklaces,rings and watches, amongst other jewelry pieces, The second machine has a bunch of Hello Kitty merchandise, While the third has mini Batman figures. At first you think that your guaranteed to get what the machine is advertising, and really want one of those mini Batman figures. However, the moment you approach the machine to get the Batman figure you see a small yellow label on the machine that states "Other fine items included" You look at the other machines and see an identical label to the Bat man one".

    In all seriousness, this scenario is exactly what Nexon is doing with the Re;Zero crossover. With the Random and style boxes for Sword Art and Attack on Titan you at least got an item related to the franchise's being sponsored since the box was filled with nothing but sponsor items.
    However, with the Re;Zero crossover you have a VERY low chance of getting an item related to the sponsorship since a majority of the items are unrelated to the series being sponsored, aka "Other fine items" in the context of a quarter machine. In the case of the Style box, only 14 of 50 items are sponsor items, the same could be said for the Random box.
    Thus, unless the odds of getting an item related to Re;Zero are higher then the other items, it's more than likely that some people, who have especially bad luck with the premium box, probably won't get a Re;Zero item that isn't a glove,shoe,hat, or Puck related accessory.

    I also find it very misleading when Nexon advertises that the hair styles are being released as a guaranteed coupon, but instead decide to release them in a Royal update with three unrelated hairstyles. Don't advertise that you are going to put the hairs in a guaranteed coupon on a live stream, if your not going to do it.

    On the other hand, I am not a Re:Boot player, but I find it a little BS, that you are pretty much forced to buy the Random box with NX if you want the Re;Zero titles, medals, androids, or chairs, since you otherwise, have to pay 500 million a box for a very low chance to get that Remroid or permanent pendant slot.

    Personally, I think that instead of giving us "other fine items" in the Re;Zero boxes, Nexon should of made seperate boxes with items just related to the sponsorship so that people who want just the sponsor items can get them. Yet, at the same time adding the other unrelated items in an update to the premium surprise style box/philosophers cache,etc. At the same time, I think that Nexon should of placed the Re;Zero hairstyles in a guaranteed coupon, and simply added the three unrelated hairs in a true Royal update.

    All and all the Re;Zero sponsorship was very much appreciated, but it could of been handled much better. But, as it stands the cash shop aspect of the update was done in poor taste because nexon defeated the purpose of Re:Boot by making the items pretty much pay to win, made the sponsor items almost impossible to get due to their "Other fine items included" model, thus favoring the users who have a lot of money or mesos to burn, and resorted to false advertisement, in which they say they are going to do one thing, but do some else completely, unrelated.

    I really hope that Nexon listens to feedback and improves the cash shop portion of the update.
  • Bring back the jumping mushroom

    Catooolooo wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    Catooolooo wrote: »
    iirc the jumping mushroom was just as bad as the loading issue we have going right now, as for many players it just caused maple to crash if the game didn't load before it timed out.

    I don't remember it having a timeout at all. It could take a long time, especially on older and weaker computers, but I don't remember a timeout as such. Even if there was one, it could be increased if necessary. It certainly didn't affect anywhere near as many players as are having launch issues now.
    i remember it became quite a big problem to the point where someone made a meme about it. I would bring up old forum posts but you know...

    at least I have some other sources

    I remember it also started getting worse before the change to the new loading protocol

    Personally, I think that the new loading method is way better than the old one with the jumping mushroom.
    It used to take my old computer about 10-15 minutes to get past the jumping orange mushroom, if the game just didn't crash on me. Plus there was the time in which a bunch of players including myself couldn't even get past the "mushroom of death" for several days due to a glitch that affected some players.
    I don't remember which patch it was that this glitch happened, but those affected players were left in the dark for quite some time before the issue was addressed, if memory serves me correctly..
    It was due to this issue that I created a meme of the jumping orange mushroom with a troll face, edited over the usual happy face the mushroom typically has.

    But, yes the new loading system does load up the game a lot faster than the old system since it doesn't try to load up all of the game files all at once. However, the game doesn't load up as fast as it used to ever since the split server screen, that allows the player to choose between the European server and the usual servers was added.
    Personally, I think that if nexon added Luna in the same list as the other servers, got rid of Europe/Global server select screen, and added a black message that informs the player of the latency issues for playing on the server depending on location, if the player hovers over the server, akin to how EL Nido informs the player that they are playing a EST server, if the player hovers over the server name.
    By doing so, it would probably help reduce the latency issues that the game currently has abit since it wouldn't have to load up another screen before, loading up the actual game.