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  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    JushiroNet wrote: »
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    JushiroNet wrote: »
    whens the seperation

    Never. Nexon has chosen reboot as the winners in the leveling race.
    do you want both tab removed or reboot removed ?
    i dont see how that will change the "race" and "winners" you said

    Removing both tab would show they're not actually comparable.

    Of course, since they refused to do that I guess they are comparable. When is normal server getting better exp rates?
    yea but still even without both tab that wont stop compare
    non-reboot allways do 1-200/1-250 way faster
    but yea i dont care for both tab its just crazy to see all this because a extra tab that people can avoid looking at it
    its not like ranks are not separated would better if ranking revmap then worry about both tab
    hi, still going strong about 3 or 4 weeks after the first 275, still doing 15+ hours a day non stop
    someone pls elaborate how reboot is fair and both rankings is also fair, ty
    lemme guess "Didn't pay enough to win" xd
    i dont think you got full $ items/buff needed :)

    I think i found the braindead reboot tard.
    says the person that plays 15h+/day , $$whale$$ and still fails to reach to a point ... (braindead you say ehehehehe)
    i mean its fine i dont care community likes that their golden boy got busted cheating with that mindset ranking > fairplay & life
    am playing KMS (GMS reboot system i liked more then non-reboot while i was playing ,but both in last years got ruined by same people that cheat and do evrything for that ranking while nexon NA dont care)

    hes already using all he can use, he is limited to very few 2x exp coupons and has to
    pepe wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    pepe wrote: »
    it's bizarre how fixated this community is on the rankings to the point where temper tantrums are thrown at the existence of an optional tab


    It's bizarre how some human beings care, passionately even, about things that other human beings don't.

    Don't belittle others' concerns, just because you don't share them.

    Oh please save me the humility, this whole discussion hinges on an optional tab that shouldn't bother any sane man. There is nothing wrong with pointing out the obsessive nature of maintaining faux competition in our community.

    like how reboot complains about useless content being removed bc they "meso farmed" in it when they can just meso farm somewhere else
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