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May 4, 1978
  • Report bad live chat GMs?

    I'm just glad they purged the GMs that kept telling me that if I keep reporting the vac-hackers that I'd be banned.
  • This lag is ridiculous.

    Cobain wrote: »
    Lilyflower wrote: »
    I still remember the good old times in the community and the game firstly the community is always listening to what the players have an issue with the game secondly the gm is always there to report any hackers or botters immediately , good times ! now... it's not the same to what it used to be.

    I've been playing Maple since '07. I played every day for 5 years straight. Just recently came back to the game and in the entire time I've played, I've only ever seen 1 GM and that was in an Invasion Event when GMs summoned a ton of mobs in each town.
    With a large part of the community only bashing the game and the devs, I wouldn't wanna hang out with everyone either. Not to mention, when ppl see GMs, they harrass the hell out of them. If people would treat people, like people, then these issues wouldn't be... well... an issue. o.O

    I met one. He dragged me to a white room to tell me to stop harrassing the hacker that was grabbing fresh drops with a vaccum hack.
  • Nexon changing Donald

    Geminia wrote: »
    LazyKai120 wrote: »
    too late to ask but How the [balrog] was Delivery Donald used? I have never seen any sort of event or such to use him.

    He was used to gift items to other accounts you own or other players who weren't online.

    No, that was Duey and that function hasn't existed in many years. Donald was, roughly, a way for GMs to gift to players, and it has either never been used or the circumstances for its use have been absurdly low. I'm pretty sure the devs don't even know that Donald is different from Duey and has been a complete waste of coding.

    Do you think Donald would mind if Gaga, Cassandra and Maple Admin carpool with him on the way out?