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  • [Suggestion] Hayato's V Matrix + Shinsoku Hyper S.

    It's more of a needed fix than a suggestion or a feature.
    Hayato is the only character in the game who has boost nodes for 1st, 2nd AND 3rd job skills as well as , of course, 4th job skills. This brings us to a total of over 20 possible skills that can be boosted. Literally 75% of which are useless.
    This must be a bug. No way this is intended.

    And with the last line update Hayato got, thank you for that, Shinsoku has become obsolete in almost every way. Would be nice to see the hyper skills for Shinsoku transfered to Rai Blade Flash since that's our new bossing skill.

    And while we are at it, another nice improvement would be to remove the 100 energy cost when switching stances. Don't see why does that even exist.

    Oh and why is hayato the only warrior without 100% stance?? i have to waste hyper points on that.
    I really hope someone sees this.
  • Your Earliest/Fondest Memory of MapleStory

    Creating a Zero, three years back. Was the first and only char that made me listen/read to every single quest and lore i could possible find about them. Made me feel like i was a part of the story, really. It ain't a very old memory but still, it's the one that i value the most.
  • Recent Removal of Duplicated Items

    Aldoe it didn't affect me in any way, i have to ask me self.
    "what if the player from which i bought this item, also bought it from another person, which also bought from a hacker, per say? More so, what if that item is 10-20-30-40-50b and up? Did i just lost me life savings and all i get is a "tough luck, lav"?"
    That would lead me uninstalling the game. Because i feel i'm getting punished for something that i wasn't directly a part of. It just so happened that i got the short end of the stick.
  • Love Maple

    Oh, you sweet, sweet summer child.
    You must be new here.
  • To those who believe Nexon's "long term"

    Don't worry. They're still monitoring this issue!
    I'm really, really, REALLY, sick of Arwoo's "don't worry guys, we're hearing you!".
    Same for reboot. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    You've annihilated all meso income BEFORE implementing another way of farming. Quality management.
    And I'm still not getting over the fact that is legal to own two PCs and bish/kish yourself BUT it's not legal to do it on one PC. You legit force me to buy a secondary PC just to efficiently train.
    For the love of God. I hope players won't forget nor forgive this.
    In the past year, Nexon has done NOTHING to help the player base.

    Shame on you.