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  • DMT Issues 7/18

    I don't play reboot but I feel for the reboot players.

    To Anna: are you just going to have Ghiblee's single post be the only damage control for a second replica of the same issue for a week before the players will be able to hear from you? I firmly believe that the players just want to know what's up and what's going on. Did the team ever try getting someone from Amazon to diagnose server utility usage to see if the utilization was constantly running at 100%, try and see what was forcing high usage? Anything that might actually help to diagnose what exactly is causing the issue? From the player's perspective right now, you had what you called code optimization but the same exact event with the same exact ruleset and the same exact results happened from the frontend (client/players point of view). Which meant that from the clientside nothing was changed which ultimately led to players believing that nothing was done. I believe that we have no development team here at all and all service delivery, solutions management is done in Korea. Even if this might be the case, you guys should utilize support from whatever services is being used here in the states to help you out. Even if AWS can only just help identify what service is overloading the server, you have a firm step to help figure out how you can actually re-code or help alleviate the issue. Right now, my only feeling when we get Maple memos that are so vague is that you're only reading a script sent from Korea. To be honest, I don't want to be in that situation.
  • Cube sale bug

    Bug type: Cash shop purchases

    Brief bug summary: Limit on cube package purchases (up to 3)

    More details: http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/58863/cash-shop-update-for-july-1 There is an error in the CS update that states players are only able to purchase up to 3 of each in both reboot and non-reboot. There should be no limit.

    (anything not included in the other sections of your report)

    Steps to reproduce: http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/58863/cash-shop-update-for-july-1

    (if not covered in the summary)

    Character name: l4d2jpn

    Character level: 235

    Character job: evan

    World name: bera

    Date and time of the incident: http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/58863/cash-shop-update-for-july-1 anytime, anywhere.

    (mention your time zone if you aren't posting Pacific time)
  • Nexon, pls buff Phantom

    As a bishop player, I would like to say stop crying.

    But since that's not going to help, think about why you chose phantom in the first place.

    For example, I went with bishop because the game is overloaded with dps players and not enough supports. I doubt that I'd have the damage so I went with a character that could help enhance others. With enough time and slowly gearing up, I'm at a point where I'm working towards normal lucid solo by practicing mechanics. This is as a bishop, a class thats constantly bottom of KMS dps charts.

    There should be something that drew you to phantom in the first place and you should find what that was because a chart doesn't dictate how good a class is, you do.
  • I Need Advice On Mid/Late Game Equipment sets

    Can there be an option 4?

    Drop the sup gollux belt and opt for double sup pendants (keeping 4 set gollux). This gives you more freedom to keep the CRA 4 set and go with Abso belt, cape, glove, boots, shoulders. Or even keep the tyrants and go for a 3 set abso, which nets you 30 all stat and 25 more atk over 2 set.

    Edit: 30 day 2nd pendant slot is in Maple rewards shop for 3200 points, which can be done within a week if you go for 10 daily bosses a day.
  • Cadena vs AB