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  • Code Optimization for DMT

    instead of PR lies and countless apologies
    they can add 5-10sec cooldown after each cube or cube set is being used
    they can pay for better servers hosts instead of sponsoring meme site
    they can disable DMT notifications spam in the chat and the map effect (wich is mostlikely the only real lag issue here lol )

    and thats enough for better DMT and also within the nexonNA codeing capabilitys
    there is no influx of players the number is at all time lowest even if we count the hackers...

    anna and nexonNA team would be nice to come on a Q/A or talk directly with us instead of sending ghiblee as puppet with bunch of apologies and no information of what actually going on
  • remove DMT 4 reboot forever, regular servers only!

    dont know how you dont understand that hurting/takeing piss on reboot makes GMS step closer to shutdown
    is well known that reboot has the most % of the player base and evryone else trys to avoid the shitshow of $$$ that nexon do to non-reboot

    i know nexon dont care as long as the cashflow is up and that ... and that they will keep abuse that power of " we are the only official english maplestory you got no choice but to stay with us"
    just like they did with MS2 evrything is fine and "all of a sudden" game close with poor notice or reasons...

    good luck if you think that throwing issue under the carpet is good thing or that even when we lost-still loseing so many players in the last few years things are just fine as long as server-service is online
    most of the players know when enough is enough they can eazy find alternatives even when nexon say is that some of them are "ilegal"
  • Maplestory still healthy ?

    Arlong wrote: »
    everyone says stuff like maple will die in 1 year and have been saying that for at least the past 10 years. the game is doing fine, I'd actually argue that content wise, the game is the best it has ever been.

    BrMS,EMS,ThMS....MS2, the dead/abandoned worlds in GMS all that maplers read this and wipes tears saying yes is fine can be worse !
    content wise ? if is not from our oversea KMS lords from who GMS is going to copy-paste from ?
  • Where's Anna?

    darik wrote: »
    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    where is ghiblee aswell...
    other then robotic generated messages on forum and reddit and excuse like " is beyond Community Manager's capabilities"
    and the streams what happend ?
    from weekly streams -> every other week (bi weekly) -> to streams for PR only once in a while like promote "big" updates -> no streams

    MEMOs become true MEME-Os
    we still dont know anna and ghiblee and we dont see them either talk to us ( other then general template generated responses from ghiblee )
    it was not the case when aru and savageace did communicate with us

    i agree, shouldnt memos be about the issues that the game has and how they are trying to fix them? Or about communicating why they are nerfing certain stuff and buffing another. Memos shouldnt be about future events since we got KMS , which is 6 months ahead, we know whats comming in the next months, so its not useful at all to make a memo about future events. Id rather see one where they cover why they nerfed kishin, acknowledging the fact that people is pissed off by that, what are they doing to deal with hackers, talk about the normal servers economy being weird these days, considering lowering starforcing prices, etc etc.

    yea :(
    ghib needs to get back on streams with nexon team and anna
    been a while and we still dont know them or seen much, just PR content cs updates streams awhile ago ...
    we need back community events with GM's etc etc

    is shame to find things from data miners or hackers instead of nexon themself
    like for example
    1. recent false bans there is bunch of talk-rumors (not sure if am allowed to say them here....)
    of what exactly was the issue and what got alot of maplers false banned

    all we got as response from ghib-nexon was :
    "we do not ban players for legitimately using the Frenzy Totem"
    without being specific what does that mean and avoiding the main concerns of selling/buying frenzy service and borrowing/selling/lending frenzy for meso being legal or what etc etc ...

    2. new year store not resting or compesation whatsoever
    3. suicide kanna bans before it was announced as illegal and bans not being lifted prior being announced as illegal
    4. community open letters got ignored ...
    5. mapletour in reboot for MP instead of RP
    6. what is the actual kish/fury/wild totem nerf respawn % and time...

    and so many other things that we just get over and forgot with each dmt,marvel...
    like is normal and get used to it

  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    another PR trick for you instead of "servers in reboot was not able to process all the notification spam and cube rank up resets at once we are working to optimize the system code in the future where everyone can be able to use at once without stres the servers load "

    lol poor you guys, some things never change at nexon... hahahaha
    each 2x and DMT in the past few years was same google it
    blame the " increased amount of players" yea right ... (who comes to GMS just for DMT and leave)
    feels good to not be online and deal with all that notification spam and lag good luck to you all dealing with that